Monday, December 6th 2010

TechPowerUp Giving Away 3DMark 11 Keys

TechPowerUp is celebrating the launch of Futuremark 3DMark 11, the company's next-generation 3D graphics benchmark. We will be giving away four keys of 3DMark 11 Advanced Edition, the variant that is tailored for gamers and overclockers alike. To stand a chance to win, simply post in the comments why you love visiting TechPowerUp. Keep your post as concise as possible. We will announce four lucky winners on launch-day of 3DMark 11.

Some terms and conditions:
  • Only one post allowed per user.
  • Participants can edit their entries
  • Thread will be closed on 7th December 2010, at 11:59 PM CET (Central European Time).
  • All members are allowed to participate
Update: We now have 6 keys to give away.
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335 Comments on TechPowerUp Giving Away 3DMark 11 Keys

Techpowerup in one word = Professionalism.
One of the best technical societies characterized by credibility in news and reviews.
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Thanks for the offer! :toast:

Why love TPU web site? The answer is both very simple and very complicated:
Because it has everything - the simple answer.
Because it's the fastest news broadcaster site out there, one of the best articles from the web, the forum witch is a Babilon Garden where you can talk anything and get flamed or trolled, from only 1 comment :laugh: (j/k) - the average answer.

And the most complicated answer is: BECAUSE I DO!!!
I love...

Techpowerup because its were I find people that share my interests and computer crazyness, where I don't fell crazy or stupid whenever I upgrade a component a couple of months after i bought the last, where i can say i bought a 90USD cooler and i get cheers instead of cursings.
Where i can find friends and folks that are intelligent and friendly. TPU FTW
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Served 5k and counting ...
TechPowerup!: Whenever you hear that you think, best reviews and a great user base. I absolutely love to help others, sole purpose of why I like tpu. Also, giveaways like this also make tpu a really cool online community.
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TechPowerUp Giving Away

TechPowerUp is Tech Thumb Up.
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I like tpu because they allow people to be individuals. most places will ban for much less then we can get away with here. I like being ale to say what I want without fear of ban hammer.
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I love techpowerup for keeping me updated with most current industry information. TPU is THE best tech site.
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I love TPU for its dedicated coverage of computer parts and not iPhones like all the other so-called tech sites seem to be these days. Keep fighting the good fight!
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always great reviews on TPU !
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mav2000 said:
The best for reviews, news and anything and everything to do with GPU's.
I second this. great site!
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its the community here that keeps me coming back
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I love this site because it got so much about hardware, may it be screens, videocards, pc speakers, headphones, nas or harddrives, got it all!

Visit it everyday :)
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News forum is easy to read through, product reviews have the best formatting.
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I like to visit Techpowerup every morning because of it's news/reviews. Thanks Techpowerup .:rockout:
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well, because tpu is a part of life:toast::toast:
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I love TPU the way it presents news and collections of hardware review database.
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I came for the tech news, I stayed for the good friends :toast:
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I love TPU because i feel like i have a big geeky family here!!!! Oh and reviews are always tip top and incredibly easy to understand, especially video card reviews.
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W1zzard's reviews are #1. TPU even keeps a data base of other site's reviews, so I'm never in the dark about a piece of hardware while shopping. GPU-Z :) Lot's of other utilities, drivers, ect are hosted here. I think GPU-Z was the original reason I came to TPU, but mostly I like to look at the TPU main page daily to see all of the news and reviews.
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Best forum website

TechPowerUp is the best forum i ever knew. Always give me solution for my problem n actual news.
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Soylent Joe
I love TPU because of all of you! You guys are the best around, in and out of the forum.

The reviews aren't bad either :p
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You'll Never Walk Alone I love TECHPOWERUP
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I love TPU mainly because of its community. The reviews are fantastic, and any time you ask a question, people love to help you. The constructive comments that people make really have helped me in my decision for my computer build, which I was unable to get from anywhere else.
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It is because this site have the best and newest news and reviews as simple as that!
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