Monday, December 6th 2010

TechPowerUp Giving Away 3DMark 11 Keys

TechPowerUp is celebrating the launch of Futuremark 3DMark 11, the company's next-generation 3D graphics benchmark. We will be giving away four keys of 3DMark 11 Advanced Edition, the variant that is tailored for gamers and overclockers alike. To stand a chance to win, simply post in the comments why you love visiting TechPowerUp. Keep your post as concise as possible. We will announce four lucky winners on launch-day of 3DMark 11.

Some terms and conditions:
  • Only one post allowed per user.
  • Participants can edit their entries
  • Thread will be closed on 7th December 2010, at 11:59 PM CET (Central European Time).
  • All members are allowed to participate
Update: We now have 6 keys to give away.
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335 Comments on TechPowerUp Giving Away 3DMark 11 Keys

I love visiting TechPowerUp because the community is awesome and the reviews are fantastic!

\[0_o]/ "pick me!"
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I love the news, reviews, and tech knowledge the site provides.
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Because TechPowerUp is one of the first websites I visit daily even at 6AM in the morning!! :D
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I love TPU because I'm brainwashed by w1zzard to do so.
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I love coming to Techpowerup! because of the friendly environment and the great advice! Plus the news section helps keep me up to date on the latest tech news. :D
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I love visiting TechPowerUp because is so sexy ;)
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Just one reason: W1zzard :)
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I love visiting TechPowerUp because of the tech news and the good reviews :)
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Yay for TechPowerUp, the only site on the net to write GPU reviews with relative performance charts along side accurate sound and temperature readings! Keep rockin' TPU!
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i like to visit TPU because its simplicity, and the caring, lovely mod.

and don't forget its have plethora games to bench with, also its seems the fanboy was still controlled
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I love visiting TechPowerUp because its a great source of information that you can trust and a great community!
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I visit TPU because the reviews are honestly far more comprehensive than other review sites -- what other review sites will tape off a card's PCI-E connector to further test performance in x4 and x8 modes only? :P
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I read tech news from Techpowerup because it is the mirror through which I perceive technological advancement.
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TPU is one of the best tech sites, because it has some of the best reviewers. Especially video card reviews by W1zz are great. I've so far not seen another website providing OC voltage/clock charts. All reviews are unbiased, and so are the articles, which always keep me updated about the newest stuff going on.

TPU-forums and community is also great. Any tech questions I post here get answered quickly and the answers are usually quite helpful as well. Plus, you have GPU-Z
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Good reviews, nice community, and fast loading site. <3 joo TPU......
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it's quite very simple: techpowerup gives me everyday news in hardware and software, lots of usefull infos about pcworld, and thats what i glad i can read techpowerup everyday when i come back from work...keep up the good work! xD
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I love visiting TPU because:
- fast delivery of new content
- "easy on the eyes" presentation of information
- great community + good moderation on forums
- SUPERB reviews of new computer hardware, especially graphic cards
- giving away free things like this and like with gpu-z :D
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I love visiting TPU cuz of its awesome community, very good reviews and up to date tech news.
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TechPowerUp is the only place that I can visit that will give me up to date news and information on hardware coming out or reviews of new stuff. Very fast and informative!
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pr0n Inspector
I like TPU for its shuffleboard, exquisite cuisine and monster [censored].
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Yeah!.... 3DMark 11 .... :toast::toast:
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I like this site, because it always has fresh news from what I looking for. Keep going.
In the weekend has almost nothing new, thats what I not like on it, but its cool anyway.
GPUZ POWA ...:nutkick:
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One of only two sites I visit and I love the reviews on TPU!
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I love TPU because of the news and reviews.
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