Monday, December 6th 2010

TechPowerUp Giving Away 3DMark 11 Keys

TechPowerUp is celebrating the launch of Futuremark 3DMark 11, the company's next-generation 3D graphics benchmark. We will be giving away four keys of 3DMark 11 Advanced Edition, the variant that is tailored for gamers and overclockers alike. To stand a chance to win, simply post in the comments why you love visiting TechPowerUp. Keep your post as concise as possible. We will announce four lucky winners on launch-day of 3DMark 11.

Some terms and conditions:
  • Only one post allowed per user.
  • Participants can edit their entries
  • Thread will be closed on 7th December 2010, at 11:59 PM CET (Central European Time).
  • All members are allowed to participate
Update: We now have 6 keys to give away.
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335 Comments on TechPowerUp Giving Away 3DMark 11 Keys

I love visiting TPU as it's the hub of the online PC enthusiast community.
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techPowerUp! is my favorite (literally) website for computer hardware news and the forums are full of friendly and helpful advise. It will be very interesting to finally be able to download and run 3DMark 11. It's been a long time coming and I'm excited that it's almost here. In fact, 3DMark 11 is one of the reasons I upgraded my video card and got Windows 7. :roll:
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Top quality technical discussion with deep technical argument..that's my reason.
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I like Techpowerup, because it is the only place where i can find help if I am in trouble with my machine. Huge number of people willing to help with (sometimes banal) problems... This is why I am happy here.
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  • Great hardware reviews
  • Highly knowledgeable members
  • Great industry news feeds
  • Very helpful people
  • Good atmosphere
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I love TPU because everyone around me is computer illiterate, and it helps me from rocking in the corner mumbling, "find a happy place" all day long.
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i love techpowerup because the site always have the best hardware news and reviews on web
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I like TPU for its cutting edge news and info and also for both getting help with the issues that come with pcs and the buzz you get helping others with their probs, its a merry go round of JOY
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wteSmithy is great because of the concise, knowledgeable and indepth reviews that have helped myself and friends decide on future purchases. After all, it's a well-respected website that myself and most of my friends know and keep returning to. Happy Xmas guys!
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What first brought me to TPU is the excellent, thorough, easily accessible and frequently updated news section, then I admired the quick reviews and GPU-z! After a while a friend of mine (Hayder Master) recommended that I register at the forums to ask for help and I found the forums to be one of the most active and lively among tech sites.
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Why i im here every day ? hm.. simple Its my daily fix
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These days, it's all about social networking and getting the news as fast as possible.
In both areas TPU excels - Its social community is the best and there's no other place I go to check for HW news.
These two combined is a win-win situation!
And TPU's in-depth reviews are... :rockout:

:respect: TPU
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The Witcher
I like visiting daily for several reasons:

1. The hardware reviews here are not biased if you compare them with other famous websites which are related to these subjects.

2. A great community which contain my types of people. from the nice guy who would help you without judging you or making you feel stupid to the real geeks who are fun to talk with, the genuine flamers which I never get bored from their wars...etc, oh I almost forgot the "old farts" who keeps looking at us like their sons and we looking at them like our Masters :).

3. The Forums are divided into many categories so no matter what you wanna talk about, you will most likely to find a category to fit your needs.

4- The layout is very simply and rich with links which always interest me such as the latest discussed topics so you don't have to wait for long time in order for the page to load.

5- For the most part the members here don't care about a few misspells here and there and don't make you feel embarrassed because of your "not that good" English.

Finally, I like the mods here, they act like the matures that they are and from what I saw and experienced, they tend not to take things personally.

(I hope that I have not forgot something else)

It's been 3 years since I found this website and I'm glad that I found it.
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Because I love viewing the case mod gallery.
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TPU. It's just damn good.
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i love visiting because the review can be trusted, also it's always up to date
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habe fidem
I visit TechPowerUp because of the great reviews, and because its home to one of the best WCG and F@H teams around.
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I love visiting TPU because it posts a lot of hard/soft news and very helpful reviews..
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I love techpowerup because this is where i can find most up to date and more importantly trusted news and reviews of many computer parts specially vga cards. and also this has a good collection of vga bioses and utilities like gpu-z and many other useful programs.
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I love TPU for the excellent reviews and news articles, but also for the friendly and helpful community (including those over at :laugh:).
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It´s more than love, this web page is part of my life because here I found the news , articles , reviews and downloads of the PC industry.
And the most important this is the home of GPU-Z.
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Sweet !, the first 3Dmark since 2001 with good graphics ;]
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There is only one answer as to why I come here.


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