Tuesday, December 7th 2010

Colorful Announces iGame GTX 570 Graphics Card

Colorful announces GeForce GTX 570 at first time after the NDA, it about one month after releasing factory overclocked GTX 580. Though Colorful GTX570 is based on reference edition, they overclocked the card from 732/3800MHz to 750/3900MHz in order to tweak better performance and make some differences with other brand.

The GTX570 has 1280MB memory capacity, with 320bit bandwidth, and equips 480 CUDA core (SP), full support for DirectX11 and CUDA3.0. GTX570 will instead of the position of GTX480, but the TDP of GTX570 is about 20Watt lower than GTX480, and it is set to 229Watt.
For the part of components, 10 pieces of hi-C POSCAP capacitors are used on GTX570, and 4+2 phases PWM equipped for the power supply system of the graphics card. Each of phases is made up by low-resistance KK03920G4 MOSFETs and R125 chock. Colorful GTX570 has 2 dual-link DVI ports and a mini HDMI port. Colorful provides mini-HDMI cable in the accessories. The MSPR (manufacturer' suggested retail price) is around $349, might be different in different regions in this planet.
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