Wednesday, December 22nd 2010

Transcend Ships mSATA and Half-slim Solid State Drives for Small Form-factor Devices

Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend), a global leader in storage and multimedia products, today announced the addition of low-profile mSATA and half-slim solid state drives (SSD) to its industrial product line. The new small footprint SSDs are designed especially for applications where a small form factor is desired, such as thin and light notebooks, netbooks, tablets, GPS, and mobile internet devices (MID).

No bigger than a business card, Transcend’s two new SSD modules offer greater design flexibility and cost savings compared to most SSDs which typically use the larger 2.5” form factor. Despite their compact size, the mSATA and half-slim SSDs feature a high-bandwidth SATA 3Gb/s interface that helps to bring the performance advantages of SSDs to notebooks, mobile devices and other embedded storage applications.
Transcend’s mSATA SSDs leverage the speed and reliability of the SATA interface, yet offer a smaller form factor than 2.5” SSDs—only one twelfth the volume and one seventh the weight. The mSATA SSDs measure 29.85 mm x 50.8 mm x 3.5 mm, and adhere to the JEDEC MO-300A standard for small form-factor SSDs.

Compared to mSATA SSDs, Transcend’s another small footprint half-slim SSD modules are in bigger form factors, 54 mm x 39 mm x 4 mm, but still much smaller than 2.5” SSDs—only one eighth the volume. The half-slim SATA SSD modules use the same SATA connector used on 2.5” hard disk drives and SSDs, making them ideal for applications such as industrial control systems and notebooks which are designed to use the 2.5” storage form factor. The half-slim SATA SSDs are compliant with the MO-297 JEDEC standard.

Transcend’s mSATA SSDs are offered in 32GB and 64GB capacities, while the half-slim SATA SSDs are available in capacities ranging from 4GB to 64GB.
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me likey. eventually, 2.5" will be the 'large' HDDs.
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Completely Bonkers said:
Me not likey. "2 chip" SSDs are a lot slower.
yeah but those are small enough you could have a 'slower' 64GB SSD in your phone...
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It is an alternative for netbooks and any other small device where you replace an traditional hdd

i would definately buy an 8 to 16GB SSD which is SATA and small but does any one know here if theres one with CACHE? i don't wan't to suffer from stutter issues
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I have one of these SSDs. I installed it in my 3810T.

IT STUTTERS and there's nothing you can do to get rid of it. If someone finds a solution, let me know.

Using Crystal Disk Info, it says that the drive supports TRIM, and in windows fsutil behavior query diasabledeletenotify tells me that TRIM is indeed enabled, however, it still stutters. There is no NCQ on the drive, and Crystal Disk reports the drive as having 1KB (yes, that's right, 1 kilobyte) of buffer. It's no wonder the drive is completely unusuable as an OS drive. oh well.
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