Monday, January 10th 2011

ASUS Intros ROG Vulcan ANC Gaming Headset

ASUS announced a new stereo headset for gamers under its reputed Republic of Gamers (ROG) series, the ROG Vulcan ANC (active noise cancellation). The ROG Vulcan ANC is styled with a monolithic band design, using tough plastic and high-quality leather. The signature black+red color scheme is used in combination with the ROG logo on a carbon fiber (lookalike?) plate. The headset uses around the ear cushioning which provides a level of noise reduction. This is bolstered with active noise cancellation of up to 30 dB.

The headset also packs a noise-canceling microphone. Sound is delivered by 40 mm drivers. A clip-on volume control and mic-mute gives you quick access to volume and helps keep in-game chatter clean. ASUS' ROG Vulcan ANC headset will be available soon. The company didn't give out pricing.
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8 Comments on ASUS Intros ROG Vulcan ANC Gaming Headset

Sounds expensive to me, but Asus has got good sound department, so, when its released, Frederik S can take a look?
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These look pretty nice, really wondering how they will fair against the likes of Sennheiser.
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Odd plugs, there's no need for 4 section plugs, only certain phone (and now some ultra-thin notebooks) use those kind of connectors. Asus video talking about the "tech" and showing the "real deal" rather than renderings.

I think I prefer the Cooler Master headset, I like non leather/leather effect ear pads] video of the CM ones
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I don't want to see renditions of the set, I want to see the actual set! :shadedshu Hopefully they'll have a nice range and a nice price though.
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Did i read right in LEATHER?!?!?!?!??!!!!!!!!!1111111ONEONEONE
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Noise cancelling is pretty useless in gaming headsets not because it doesn't work (it does and more than likely does a wonderful job) but because it probably adds quite a bit more dough to the price.

After watching the video, the headset looks pretty decent. However until Asus have established excellent reputation as a gaming peripheral maker, they will be less likely to get chosen in a battle against Steelseries or Razer (or such).
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I dig em, I would like a budget minded competitor to Senhieser, to prevent price rape. I would like to get my hands on these and try them out.
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*Yawn* Wake me up when the images are not just renders and they have a price.
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