Thursday, January 13th 2011

NVIDIA and TSMC Ship One-Billionth GeForce Graphics Processor

NVIDIA and TSMC today celebrated the shipment of the one-billionth GeForce graphics processor designed by NVIDIA and manufactured by TSMC. Today's announcement is a testament to the popularity of GeForce graphics processors, which are recognized worldwide for exceptional performance in games, video, and nearly all forms of 3D content. Today nearly every major PC manufacturer offers systems powered by GeForce GPUs.

The partners achieved the one-billionth processor milestone in less than 12 years. This achievement reflects a shared commitment to technological excellence and a relentless pace of innovation. Through deep trust and long-term objectives, the companies have raised the bar for the ambitions and practices that have helped shape the semiconductor industry.

"Since inventing the GPU more than a decade ago, NVIDIA has driven innovation in these processors at a rate virtually unmatched in the technology industry," said Jen-Hsun Huang, president and chief executive officer, NVIDIA. "With our close partnership with TSMC, the complexity of these devices has increased more than 1000 times, enabling enormous progress in computers ranging from handhelds and PCs to workstations and data centers."

"NVIDIA's achievement is a prime example of how close collaboration between foundry and fabless companies can benefit the consumer electronics market, the semiconductor market segment, and both companies' shareholders. NVIDIA has been a model of vision and innovation, and we highly value the long-term relationship between NVIDIA and TSMC," said Dr. Morris Chang, TSMC Chairman and CEO.
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No discussion/flamewar on "NVIDIA invented the GPU".
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Lab Extraordinaire
wow, not bad for 12* years, i think they should post figures for each generation eg G92, G94, G80
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Bo$$ said:
wow, not bad for 7 years, i think they should post figures for each generation eg G92, G94, G80
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bear jesus
To be honest i would have expected it to be more by now but a billion is a crazy amount of GPU's and pretty darn impressive, good for NVIDIA and TSMC :toast:

But this and Asetek's press release make me wonder how many CPU's and GPU's have been shipped by Intel and AMD/ATI.
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Kudos nV for great innovation and competition, to continue to deliver enough new tech that we even complain about how quick what we just bought became obsolete!:rockout::pimp:
I just hope they keep their business "green", and not only money green, but environmentally green, making sure that the waste is properly recycled/disposed of.
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Well done, nVidia. So, wonder when they'll hit 2 billion? XD
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For those from Spain and some other countries, a billion in English is a thousand million, not a million million.
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Performance Enthusiast
grats to them both for so many sales, at least 20 of those billion were me :D
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