Tuesday, January 25th 2011

Toshiba and GlobalFoundies in Talks for Chip Manufacture Deal

Prospects are looking brighter by the day for GlobalFoundries, as the firm is reportedly in talks with Toshiba to strike a chip foundry partner deal. The deal will give GlobalFoundries contract to manufacture any or many of the plethora of chips Toshiba uses in computer hardware and consumer electronics. On GlobalFoundries' side, Doug Grose, chief executive officer of the American foundry, told Nikkei that the two firms are in the final stages of negotiations.

"We had been considering outsourcing production to Samsung Electronics Co and GlobalFoundries since last year," said a Toshiba official. With this deal, Toshiba is looking for 28 nm and 40 nm class manufacturing, thereby cutting a chunk of its R&D, and making its engineers focus on chip design. Parallel to this, a deal with Samsung will allow the Korean electronics giant to manufacture low-cost image-processing chips, while GlobalFoundries manufactures products with the latest-technologies.Source: Reuters
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