Thursday, March 3rd 2011

Thermaltake Unveils Chaser MK-1 Gaming Chassis at CeBIT

At the second day of the world’s largest IT and computer trade show CeBIT 2011 in Hannover, Germany, Thermaltake debuts their latest mid-tower gaming chassis, the Chaser MK-1. At this world’s first debut the Chaser MK-1 shows off a design language that is clearly inspired by modern games. Strong lines and all black coating inside and outside in combination with blue elements lend it its very dynamic and powerful looks. The pulsing logo on top only add even further to the overall mighty appearance. Being the very first XB (extra big) ATX mid tower chassis, the Chaser MK-1 is extra wide, thereby allowing for enough space to install particularly big and powerful CPU coolers of up to 18 cm height. An entirely tool-less design for the hard drive trays makes installation and removal of 3.5” HDDs and 2.5” SSDs a child’s play.
Top docking station for hot-swap
On top of the Chaser MK-1 Thermaltake has implemented a convenient hot-swap docking station for 2.5” SSDs or 3.5” HDDs. This docking station allows for disk exchange on-the-fly, so now users are ready to easily and swiftly access data storage drives right from the top of the case without the need to open the side panel.

Advanced Cable Management
Users can properly separate cables and channel them through the grooves strategically placed on the back of the case. Not only does a properly cable managed computer perform better through improved airflow and ventilation, but also makes the system organized for future upgrades.

Water-Cooling Ready Design
With the popularity of performance water-cooling solution for PCs, a true gaming chassis of course has to over this upgrade bath as well. Should the user wish to integrate 120mm or even 240mm water-cooling, the top fan can be easily removed and the water-cooling radiator can be quickly installed. Liquid cooling hose holes in the back also warrant for the installation of external liquid cooling systems.

Optimized Airflow and Convenient Dust filters
Powerful gaming rigs are equipped with demanding components that require proper cooling where optimized ventilation is of utmost importance. Being the industry-leading brand in PC thermal management, Thermaltake incorporated two 200mm fans into the Chaser MK-1. An additional 140mm TurboFan is also embedded into the back of the case. Each of the 200mm fans can be controlled via the ColorShift control on the top of chassis. ColorShift enables user to take full control over the color LEDs on each fans to match the gaming or working environment. Fan speed control acts as a turbo boost control which users may increase the fan speed to properly exhaust heat build-up during gaming session or to lower the fan speed while working or simply browsing the web.

Multimedia connectivity at its best
In addition to these features, the Chaser MK-1 has implemented every premium feature a PC enthusiast or hardcore gamer would want. High-speed data transfer can be achieved with two SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports on top as well as an eSATA port and two additional USB 2.0 right on the top of the case. HD audio for headsets and microphone are easily accessed by the top connectors. Each intake fan comes with dedicated filter system and can be easily removed for cleaning without having to open the system. Furthermore the Chaser MK-1’s feet elevate the chassis some centimeters from the ground, so airflow from the bottom right to the top.

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11 Comments on Thermaltake Unveils Chaser MK-1 Gaming Chassis at CeBIT

This case looks like Isaac Clarke helmet from Dead Space.
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manual speed control for fans... who will set the fan for every action that will do with the pc?

it's better to be an automatic system... user dont need to have a new task ... (to monitor the temperature...and fans)

the pc was madded for humans to make the work/job easy, not complicated
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arroyo said:
This case looks like Isaac Clarke helmet from Dead Space.
Oh my god. WHYYYYY??!!?!

As soon as I zoomed in on the case, I was thinking "looks like Isaac's helmet" ;D
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"...then, over here you have a special design feature with a pulsing logo, that gives you a special gaming ambiance."

"It has a flashing light".
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fenurch said:
Oh my god. WHYYYYY??!!?!

As soon as I zoomed in on the case, I was thinking "looks like Isaac's helmet" ;D
Definetly Isaac's helmet,they can't deny it.Just hope you won't find any necromorphs inside when installing the hardware on it.

Other than that,it's a good looking case.
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I like the look of that... and I like that it resembles the Dead Space helmet...
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adrianx said:
manual speed control for fans... who will set the fan for every action that will do with the pc?
Me:D I always set manual settings for games or movies, web surfing and sleeping. I just don't trust automatic things i like to be in control.
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This case reminds me of a HAF 922. Why does it remind me of the HAF 922?
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looks solid and the front panel looks good. but its just bunch of steel and plastic :toast:
its a nice case and nice news that thermaltake produces normal case again
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Do all gamers like flashy computer cases?

I thought gamers weren't only 13-year-old nerds anymore.
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where the hell are my stars
looks like someone copied a HAF
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