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Xigmatek Introduces Elysium Big-Tower in ''9XL'' Format

Originally known for their CPU coolers, the manufacturer Xigmatek has successfully established itself as a well known case brand with a successful line-up of enclosures, which feature an unbeatable price/performance ratio. After launching different Mid-Towers, Xigmatek is now announcing the first Big-Tower by the name Elysium.

The term "big" to categorize the Xigmatek Elysium can literally be interpreted as the flagship model of the manufacturer, as it is one of the largest cases on the market. 23 cm width, almost 62 cm height and a depth of 66 cm result in an enormous volume, easily able to hold nearly every hardware configuration possible. Especially extravagant systems profit from the space, as there is plenty of room for water cooling, SLI/Crossfire systems and even large mainboards like the EVGA SR-2.
In terms of the design, Xigmatek has combined their experience in cooling and cases to create a clean, modern look along with a long list of practical features. Twelve drive bays in the front allow for the ultimate expandability, while the brushed aluminum strips encompass these and add a classy note to the chassis. Xigmatek steers clear of unconventional forms, allowing the case to present itself with straight lines and massive size.

The top I/O panel holds a flurry of connectivity with 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, eSATA and Audio plugs hidden under a protective, sliding cover. Additionally, a SATA hot-swap bay for 3.5 or 2.5 inch hard drives has been incorporated into the top panel, allowing for easy access to such storage devices. Multiple openings on the top and the side panel result in excellent cooling of the internal components, with the metal mesh and slanted openings.

Clearly the most important factor of the Xigmatek Elysium Big-Tower is its extreme size and resulting interior volume. Even the EVGA SR-2 HTPX mainboard fits within the chassis with room to spare, while E-ATX and XL-ATX mainboards leaving even more free room. The maximum length for graphic cards is 44 centimeters, which is much more than even the longest dual-GPU cards will require. Extraordinary is not only the space, but also the extremely well thought out design.

Instead of only offering a single opening in the mainboard tray for easy access to cooler backplates, the Elysium has another one right below the second CPU area of the EVGA SR-2, so that such an exchange is extremely easy with such a board as well. The Xigmatek Elysium is the one and only case of the exclusive HPTX format which offers this feature.

Numerous, rubber-lined openings in the mainboard tray allow for easy and extensive cable management. Even with the possibility of installing a large variety of mainboards within the Elysium, a perfectly clean and well managed interior is easily achieved with this system. To further reduce any potential cable clutter, the Elysium offers two separate PCBs to supply power to any fans within the system.

This means that the fans do not need to be connected to the mainboard or power supply directly, resulting in the necessity of additional splitters. Instead, a single Molex connector is sufficient to power up to 10 fans, while the included 3-pin cable can be used to connect both PCBs. As both units offer a Molex connector, the user is free to choose where to place the power supply and how to route the power cables.

The Elysium offers two ATX compatible PSU bays - one above and one below the mainboard tray. This also allows for the use of two such units within the case to easily power high-end systems with a multi-GPU configuration. With the 10 mainboard expansion slots, using 4 dual-height graphic cards is easily possible.

The forward area of the Elysium is reserved for the array of 5.25 inch bays, each of them equipped with a tool-less locking mechanism. Internal 3.5 inch drives fit into the two 4-in-3 modules, allowing up to eight drives to be installed inside the case. These rest on rubber rings and are cooled directly by the included fans.

These are of the 120 mm variety, while a 140 mm unit in the back and the 200 mm one in the left side panel are also part of the case. All of these feature embedded white LEDs to add subtle lighting to the Elysium. In addition to these four fans, the case can hold three 120 or 140 mm unit the ceiling, two 120 or 140 mm ones in the flooring and another 80 or 120 mm one right below the CPU area of the mainboard. Even a fan with 25 mm height will fit in this location due to the space between mainboard tray and side panel.

The ceiling and flooring of the Elyisum have a multitude of mounting options, allowing the installation of a variety of radiators of the formats 120, 140, 240, 280, 360 and 420. The maximum size of such a cooling unit depends on the location in which it is installed. External solutions can be utilized with the help of seven openings in the back of the chassis.

Four casters are part of the Elysium, making the relocation of a full system easy and painless. Openings in the underside of the chassis allow for quick and simple installation of these rolls.

The Xigmatek Elysium will be available in four variants. Either with a solid or windowed side panel in combination with black or silver aluminum strips in the front and on top.

The Xigmatek Elysium Big-Tower will be available in May for a price of 159.90 Euro at
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41 Comments on Xigmatek Introduces Elysium Big-Tower in ''9XL'' Format

Anyone who gets this has the official right to say....Mine's bigger than yours :laugh:
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It's beautiful. I could imagine this looking stunning at dusk (the silver windowed one, at least).
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Reminds me of my old coolermaster stacker (first gen, can hold 2 PSU's and a crapload of 5.25 bays as well) Should also give plenty of room for internal dual loop 120.3 water cooling loops.
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happitaAnyone who gets this has the official right to say....Mine's bigger than yours :laugh:
Meh... It is ~15mm taller, but 20mm narrower, than my XaserVI.
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I'm shocked at the price, very reasonable. Perfect for watercooling.
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Nice Job Xigmatek.

A big black case with lots of space :)

Sorry Xigmatek, but I have already made up my mind regarding the choice of my case.

SilverStone Temjin TJ11 (SST-TJ11B-W) Black Aluminium Full Tower Chassis.

But I do think you have done a good job Xigmatek.

Sincerely, Bengt "WOLF" Johansson.
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Great casr and exremly well thought out. Props to xigmatek
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I personally would take the TJ07 over the TJ11, but both are awesome cases, just way out of my price range.

This seems like a good, solid case that doesn't look ugly like the HAF-X to me.
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Great size, Nice looks and Awesome price

If I can get it in the UK this is going to be my next case
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great but upper side features are a pain in the ass. put everything on the front panel and nobody will complain.
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Vancha$500 would seem like a good reason to reconsider, unless you're rich.
No I'm NOT rich. I'm a single man that don't drink, party or have a car that cost money. My hobby is computer hardware technology.

I'm planing to go over to watercooling later on this year, thats why I want that case.

Even if you don't water cool with SilverStone Temjin TJ11 as well as SilverStone Fortress FT02 you get very effective air cooling by the stack effect :rockout: (see link below) as you get by the installment of the motherboard turned 90 degree right compare to conventional installation.

Well, Thats All Folks! :)

Bye bye and take care mates.
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Crazy 4 TPU!!!
Very nice case!!:)
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looks pretty nice, simple, lots good features and one more it aint dry your wallet
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TPU addict
Very nice, all the bays at the front you can put fans there you can test were the PSU is better for your needs.

If i did not have this old TT Arma case id get this in a flash. Even more so for that price as i was expecting more $270+.
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I would absolutely love to have a smaller version of this that weighs <20lbs. I really want the Pantheon actually, but that's not available in the US. I'm probably going to end up getting the NZXT H2 though for a more quiet computing experience. Plus, the plainer it looks, the better. I'm sick of all the silly designs out now.
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It's really too bad they had to use so much plastic on the I/O Panel. If that were aluminum it would look so much better.
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My next case?

Hell doesn't even look like I need to cut it up to make it nicer XD
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
Looks good except the windows. I hate windows on cases.
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TPU addict
pantherx12My next case?

Hell doesn't even look like I need to cut it up to make it nicer XD
Hehe i found some thing to cut on it and that's those fan protectors as that stupid mesh block around 70% of the air flow.
FrickLooks good except the windows. I hate windows on cases.
Yeah was not much for the window. I would of liked to make one were i wanted it as there's is to high for were i want mine.

Reason being my graphic card has a fan were you expect but has 2 side fans which suck the air from the card.
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Black Hades
happitaAnyone who gets this has the official right to say....Mine's bigger than yours :laugh:
Except mine:cool:

Nice case, but it looks like a mixed bag to me.

It'd get a +1 point in elegance if they'd remove those useless ribits on the brushed aluminum.
And another +1 from removing that ugly X from the top of the case, come to think of it make it fully brushed aluminum there :D.

Cute case, draws a lot of inspiration from the old industrial look of the Cooler Master CM Stacker 810 series. Still no Lian Li though.

Pictures don't do justice to brushed aluminum. Much better to see these live.:)

2004 vs 2011
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Not big enough. Not nearly big enough. This is not much bigger and is actually smaller than cases that Thermaltake and Cooler Master are putting out and have been for years. Listen, I want a case large enough to fit myself in there in case of a nuclear attack. You know, like Indiana Jones in that fridge. Until then this thing don't deserve the "Big Tower" moniker.

Seriously though, few centimeters here and there over competition, at most, means jack! And more steel please. I hate it when the smallest bump leaves a dent. I know that everyone is into aluminum these days because they bought into marketing bs (they cool your components and increase your prowess in bed!!!!:eek::eek:) Simply put, aluminum cases are cheaper to machine and they can be transported in larger quantities tonnage-wise over-seas from China, again saving even more money when it comes to freight cargo calculus. Everything else is marketing at work.

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