Friday, April 29th 2011

NZXT Intros Colorful, Illuminated FS Silent Series Fans

NZXT released colorful new additions to its FS Silent Fan Series, the FS-200 LED. Available in red, green, and blue, these LED-lit variants of the famous round-framed 200 mm fan bear the same exact specifications as the original. The fans come with switches (compatible with NZXT Phantom LED switch) that can toggle the LEDs on/off, so you can still have a colorful fan if you find its lighting too gaudy for your case.

The new fans use continue to use black frames like the original, the edges of the four arms of the round frame hold the color LEDs, the impellers are colorful and transparent. With a speed range of 500 to 900 RPM, these 200 mm spinners can push up to 89.5 CFM of air while being as quiet as 20.16 dBA. It uses rifled bearing, with a rated lifespan of 40,000 hours. Its cord is sleeved, and draws power from a 3-pin fan header. Attachments for 2-pin header and Molex connector come bundled. Slated for release in late May and backed by 2 year warranty, the NZXT FS-200 LED are priced around US $18.
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7 Comments on NZXT Intros Colorful, Illuminated FS Silent Series Fans

looks nice and slim gosh i would love to try one and see how quiet these are lol gonna check for prices :L
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Haven't heard too many good impressions about NZXT fans.
The ones that came with my Apollo still work quite some time after my purchasing the case, but the one tends to rattle from time to time, and that rattling is something almost everyone report about almost all NZXT fans.
I wonder if these new fans will finally be free of those woes that all other NZXT fans seem to suffer...
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First fans with rifle bearing I've seen in a long time.
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They look nice...

Do they work with NZXTs own Sentry 2, or does that controller makes them whine like it does to countless other fans?
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If they made these in 120mm, it might be the fan to remove my obsession with Antec TriCool LEDs. :cool::laugh:
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looks pretty nice, i hope NZXT release low profile fans too
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