Thursday, May 12th 2011

VIA QuadCore Processor Revealed

VIA Technologies revealed its upcoming 4-core processor, simply called "QuadCore". The chip comes in BGA packages, and is simply a multi-chip module (MCM) of two Nano X2 dies built on the 40 nm process. One of the first models is the QuadCore L4700, which is clocked at 1.20 GHz with a BClk of 266 MHz. Using the Adaptive Overclocking feature, the processor can bump clock speeds up to 1.46 GHz provided the thermal solution by the manufacturer can keep up, while keeping the chip within its thermal constraint of 27.5W TDP. Each of the two dies can independently up speeds based on their individual loads and temperatures.

The VIA QuadCore L4700 features four x86-64 cores split between two dual-core dies that share a V4 front-side bus clocked at 1333 MHz. The processor has a total L2 cache of 4 MB, also split between the two dies. On the feature-set front, SIMD extensions up to SSE3 are available, so is VIA Virtualization Technology, and Padlock Security Engine, which is a fast hardware random number generator that speeds up AES encryption. The processor itself doesn't feature on-die memory controller or integrated graphics, and continues to rely on the chipset for memory and graphics. VIA's QuadCore L4700 is expected to be released in Q3, 2011, at least one can expect VIA-made demo platforms to be shown at Computex.
Source: The Tech Report
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Via also does GPU, as well.
I was hoping that Via do their version of APU aswell. (with the quad core)
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MikeX said:
Via also does GPU, as well.
I was hoping that Via do their version of APU aswell. (with the quad core)
It's difficult for VIA, because they haven't managed to put those four cores onto a single piece of silicon....unless they do a 3-chip MCM.
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Definitely VIA's biggest problem is they are 2 generations behind in process nodes. This chip at 22nm = win. 40nm = a pretty average option
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