Friday, September 16th 2011

Corsair Announces New Vengeance Gaming Keyboards and Laser Gaming Mice

Corsair, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, today announced their new line of Vengeance PC gaming peripherals, including two gaming keyboards and two laser gaming mice.

"Corsair has built a reputation for developing innovative products that focus on the unique needs of our customers," said Andy Paul, Corsair's President and CEO. "Our new Vengeance keyboards and mice follow in that tradition. PC gamers will love their gorgeous design and attention to the smallest details, like the intelligently designed button layout on our mice or the specially shaped WASD keycaps on our keyboard."
Corsair's new PC gaming peripherals line includes four new HID products: The Vengeance K60 and Vengeance K90 gaming keyboards and the Vengeance M60 and Vengeance M90 gaming mice. A key feature of all four of these new Vengeance Series products is the use of an aluminum structure to provide strength and durability, as well as a stunning industrial design.
"As enthusiastic gamers ourselves, we've developed precisely the products we always wanted, with a level of quality we have not seen before," said Ruben Mookerjee, VP and General Manager of the Components Business Unit at Corsair. "We're confident that our Vengeance gaming keyboards and mice will give you a competitive edge. Whether you prefer the immersion and intensity of MMO and RTS, or the adrenaline-fueled combat of FPS, our goal is to help you win."

Vengeance K60 and M60: Designed For First-Person Shooters
The Vengeance K60 gaming keyboard and the Vengeance M60 laser gaming mouse are designed for PC Gamers who specialize in First-Person Shooters (FPS). The Vengeance K60 keyboard features the predictable linear response and light touch of Cherry MX Red mechanical key switches for more agile movement and faster multi-taps. The contoured left-wrist rest plus shaped and textured WASD key caps increase comfort, even during extended gaming sessions. The K60 uses an advanced key matrix design that delivers complete anti-ghosting so no keystrokes are missed. Unlike other USB gaming keyboards that are limited to the USB-standard 6-key rollover, the K60 features a 20-key rollover and a blazing fast 1ms reporting rate (1000 reports per second).

The Vengeance M60 mouse features an enthusiast-grade Avago 5700 DPI sensor with on-the-fly resolution switching, an aluminum unibody design with adjustable center of gravity, programmable lift detection, a high-mass scroll wheel, and PTFE glide pads. A key innovation of the M60 mouse is the Sniper button, allowing an instant toggle from fast movement, high DPI-resolution mode down to a high-precision mode for more accurate aiming.

Vengeance K90 and Vengeance M90: Designed For MMO and RTS Gaming
The Vengeance K90 gaming keyboard and M90 laser gaming mouse are optimized to meet the unique needs of MMO and RTS gaming. The Vengeance K90 keyboard also features Cherry MX Red key switches, full anti-ghosting, 20-key rollover, 1ms reporting rate, and each key is individually backlit with a cool blue LED that can be adjusted to three different levels of intensity. The K90 also includes 18 dedicated macro keys that can be programmed either through software or on the fly, and with three user-selectable banks of macros you have a total of 54 independent macros available at any time. Your macros are stored in flash memory on the keyboard so you'll be able to bring them with you wherever your gaming takes you.

The Vengeance M90 gaming mouse features 15 fully programmable buttons, arranged and tuned for intuitive operation without compromising your grip, and on-board flash memory lets you save your macros in up to six profiles that can be switched on-the-fly. An Avago 5700 DPI sensor allows on-the-fly resolution adjustment and the programmable lift detection, high-mass scroll wheel, and PTFE glide pads ensure swift, precise movement. The intuitive Windows-based Vengeance software utility lets you manage your macro keys, on-board profiles, and sensor settings so you can customize your M90 to exactly match your gaming style.

Pricing and Availability
The Vengeance K90 gaming keyboard has an MSRP in the United States of $129 and the K60 has an MSRP of $109. The Vengeance M90 gaming mouse has an MSRP of $79 and the M60 has an MSRP of $69.

The full range of Vengeance gaming peripherals are expected to be available in October 2011 from authorized Corsair retailers and etailers worldwide. For more information, visit the product pages.
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38 Comments on Corsair Announces New Vengeance Gaming Keyboards and Laser Gaming Mice

OH, I have such a headache
OH YEAH ! I like that blue one . Now I know what I want for Christmas !
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My name is Dave
Wrist rest is interesting.
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Sir B. Fannybottom
Ouu I like the blue mouse, the keyboards are ugly but I still want the second one none the less. :laugh:
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I don't think I have enough joints in my thumb to use the M90...
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Wow, I first saw this and went "another company jumping into the gaming category without proper hardware to back it up" but these have Cherry MX Reds. These switches are hard to find, that's crazy! Also a couple of features that I like on here, like the rolling volume control. The prices really aren't too bad either. I don't think I'm giving up what I've got now, but let's hope the reviews are positive!
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The Knife in your Back
Interesting products, the mice kind of remind me of the RAT mice.
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I will stick with Logitech and Razer mouse, thanks but no thanks.:rockout:
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the blue keyboard reminds me of logitech G keyboards - a lcd screen
G keys? M buttons and a quick macro button, a rolling volume wheel
the blue mouse reminds of the G700? mouse (Avago 5700 DPI and button layout)
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Crazy 4 TPU!!!
The blue LED backlit keyboard looks pretty sweet!, though i don't have much an incentive to replace my current KB/M.(Saitek and Razer ftw!!)
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semantics said:
the blue keyboard reminds me of logitech G keyboards - a lcd screen
I see what you mean there, I am using a G11 keyboard right now but I never use any of the G keys, so its dead space to me. The "fps keyboard" appeals me more than the mmo/rts one, even though I primarily play RTS and MMO.
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~Technological Technocrat~
Holy macro keys batman!!!
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Velvet Wafer
1Kurgan1 said:
Interesting products, the mice kind of remind me of the RAT mice.
i thought exactly the same thing... especially the sniper button, and the cut, edgy appearance are not randomly on this mouse.... someone got looong eyes!:laugh:
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Too bad they don't have the Ñ key :( The mouse looks good, I was considering getting a Sidewinder X3 to replace my Comfort Mouse 4500 but this is another option. I'm going to ask the local Corsair distributor for prices.
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I have found the replacements for my Sidewinder x8 and X6!
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TRWOV said:
Too bad they don't have the Ñ key :( ...
Is it really so hard to
Alt + 164
? I guess laziness has gotten to a new low... :shadedshu
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Dude, I use Ñ like every 20th word or so, I wouldn't mind if I didn't need it.

I've always wanted to buy Razer keyboards but the US layout is a deal breaker for me. Only MS, Logitech and local el-cheapo brands sell (outdated) keyboards over here. oh, well, the Sidewinder X4 isn't a bad choice anyway.
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The Exiled Airman
n i thought the MX510 had plenty of buttons for my games... Accidental clicks anyone?
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I like the idea of that palm rest.
Wondering why any company hasn't thought of that.
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I'm the only one
Interesting button layout on the M90.
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the mouse curve like razr stuff
and the keyboard, i dont see something special its like generic keyboard with blue light
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Jack Doph
eidairaman1 said:
n i thought the MX510 had plenty of buttons for my games... Accidental clicks anyone?
According to Corsair, those buttons can't really be 'accidentally' clicked as such - they do require an intentional click to activate :)

Can't find any info on whether the keys on the keyboards are laser-etched though (improves longevity of the lettering).
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Holding out for the forget & forgiveness line:) stuff actually looks solid.
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HUH in that engadget video they remove a key cap and i see red switches. Does that mean this board has Cherry MX Reds, those are linear switches that are like lighter blacks.

Yup those are Cherry MX Reds...

Lol at the people in the comments on that video who are moaning about backlights not being standard on all keyboards because you obviously need them for gaming :rolleyes:
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Corsair does shit right the first time around. A stylish, back-lit mechanical keyboard with regular media keys instead of the FN + F key crap.
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