Saturday, September 24th 2011

How To Overclock a Locked New Sandy Bridge E Processor - By Intel

We know how chip manufacturers aren't usually very keen on overclocking of their products, but here, Intel explains the actual steps to take in achieving a great overclock! And oddly enough, this includes their locked CPUs as well, which raises the question of why lock them at all? Bit-tech looked into overclocking the new LGA2011 Sandy Bridge E in detail.

Intel highlights the key areas for overclocking Sandy Bridge E processors, and gives a practical example of a 4.74 GHz overclock

Here are the basics:

- Locked CPUs can be overclocked too
- SB-E has more flexible base clock overclocking, using two dividers, 1.25x & 1.66x
- You need to play with Turbo Boost to prevent power limiting from throttling the system back
- There's some scary maths to work out, for example: 1) 5,000 ÷ 1.66 = 3,012 2) 3,012 ÷ 100 = 30.012 3) 3,012 ÷ 30 = 100.4 system clock. Likely a spreadsheet would help here.

For full details, see the bit-tech article, where they work out how to push an SB-E system to a healthy 5 GHz.Source: bit-tech
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Arrakis+9 said:
Would love to see an app for that, if SB-E can really easily do 5GHZ with a 6 core i might be looking to switch up to it >_> provided they make some M-ATX boards too
I want to see a droid app for that :toast::rockout: Pull out the droid next tot he case, plug in the numbers, make the tweaks :)
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Overclocked quantum bit
nothappy said:
What makes stock prices rise and fall? its gossip, rumors and misdirection. And here we see that two giants with brains trying to maneuver, they are toying with our minds. The products not out yet and the ruse has started.

Its time for some zen style meditation called "waiting for some benchmarks", be at peace brothers! :toast:
I agree, seeing benchies of the finished products is the only way to know for sure. These big companies do indeed like messing with our heads in the pursuit of one-upmanship. :shadedshu

Mind you, wild speculation can be a great pastime. :D
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