Thursday, September 29th 2011

NZXT Launches Phantom Big Tower Pink Edition

For the ladies! NZXT proudly presents the Phantom Big-Tower in pink, which is intended for the female gamer base. All new Phantoms, including this variant also come equipped with USB 3.0 connectivity. Additional features of these enclosures are a five channel fan controller with 20W load capacity on each circuit, spacious interior, lighting which may be turned off, elaborate cable management, numerous anti-vibration measures and a water cooling ready design.

The futuristic design of the NZXT Phantom makes it the perfect basis for an extravagant gaming PC as the case specialist has included unique shapes and lines which resembles that of modern high performance sports cars. A front door covers the drive bays, so that the chassis looks perfect, regardless of what type of drives you have installed. Besides the pink color option, NZXT also offers a white, black, red and red/white variant with more special editions in the works.
In terms of cooling, the NZXT Phantom manages to blend form and function perfectly, as the black mesh elements do not simply look good, but also allows access to fresh to any installed fan. To keep temperatures down, two 120 mm fans have been installed in the side panel, pushing cool air across the hard drive bays, with another one in the rear along with a large and quiet 200 mm unit in the ceiling pulling air out of the case.

Those wanting even more cooling performance can turn the interior of the Phantom into a wind tunnel by installing another 200 mm unit in the ceiling of the chassis and a 140 mm unit in the ceiling as well. In addition, one may exchange the two 120 mm units with a 200 or 230 variant. To keep things quiet, NZXT has included a high-performance fan controller with 5 channels and 20W capacity on each circuit.

Dust filters on all intake areas ensure that the interior of the Phantom stays clean and presentable and that the bottom mounted power supply life span is kept at a maximum. For drive bays, the case allows for a slew of drives to be installed as it comes with five 5.25" and seven 3.5" inch drive bays. The chassis can easily be filled with high-end hardware as the rear hard drive cage may be removed to allow for large power supplies or components. To make the assembly process as easy as possible NZXT has employes thumb screws and tool-less locking mechanism thoughout the entire case.

The complete interior in all four Phantom variants has been painted in the matching color and the exact same high-end finish as the exterior. An opening in the mainboard tray gives easy access ot the backplates of CPU coolers, eliminating the need to remove the entire board from the chassis. In terms of space, the Phantom allows for large components like eATX and high-end graphic cards with up to 35 mm length to be installed. Externally all Phantom variants offer an I/O panel equipped with USB 2.0 & 3.0, along with a pair of audio connectors and eSATA port, while the power and reset buttons have been seamlessly integrated into the overall design of the chassis.

Those interested in water cooling will find that the Phantom manages to impress in this area as well. The combination of four openings in the back of the chassis and ability to install a 240 mm radiator in the ceiling should cater to even the most extreme scenarios. A switch to deactivate the LED lighting of the included case fan has been embedded in the rear of the chassis as well.

The USB 3.0 versions of the NZXT Phantom Big-Tower are available immediately for a price of 139.90 Euro exclusively at
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82 Comments on NZXT Launches Phantom Big Tower Pink Edition

Ohh god... who do they think will buy this ?
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LDNL said:
Ohh god... who do they think will buy this ?
My daughter.
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Paris Hilton would love this
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fugly colour :eek: :shadedshu :cry:
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Actually I am interested in this, the colour is so shocking such that I will have a rare and unique looking case.
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If it wasn't for the size and overall style of the case, I bet my wife and kids would switch out their Apevia cubes for it.

Come on Lian-Li, give us anodized pink!
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extremely bad cases (build quality wise)

things just start falling apart, worst £100 i have ever spent, am not alone in this as i know other people who have the same issues i had.

note- the build quality was only bad with the phantom models, my other nzxt (beta evo) is a pretty sweet case.
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AAAAAAHHHH....... My eyes are bleeding!

Thank God that I am colorblind.
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Maybe, if someone puts this in a room with ultraviolet lights
it will become red.... lol

In my opinion, just stupid
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
Not bad.
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Looks like someone puked Pepto-Bismol all over it.

On any other site there'd be feminists frothing at the mouth because this is supposed to be a case "aimed at women".
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Overclocking Surrealism
One in the pink, two in the stink... and this stinks. Say hello to your favorite pink ribbon cancer crunching farm chassis lol
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I guess theres some chic gamers around that would like this, and maybe a few flappy chaps.
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buggalugs said:
I guess theres some chic gamers around that would like this, and maybe a few flappy chaps.
Girl gamers that I know would never go near one of these xD They have the same taste as any other gamer, hardcore looking cases whilst not being too bling bling
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LDNL said:
Ohh god... who do they think will buy this ?
I would! And i'd also stick a Hello Kitty on it as a final touch. :D
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Screw the ladies I want one of these
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even my girlfriend would think this is fugly
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I'm the only one
Its the nzxt bender edition.
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i think its collector type edition
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