Tuesday, November 1st 2011

GPU Shipments Increase 16.7% in Q3, 18.4% Year over Year

The latest data from Jon Peddie Research, which is known for closely tracking the PC graphics hardware industry, claims that the PC graphics industry has stabilized and returned to a more predictable path in Q3 2011. Shipments have increased 16.7% sequentially, and 18.4% compared to Q3 2010 (year over year). Much of this is attributed to the market success of Intel "Sandy Bridge" Core processors, which has also worked to increase Intel's market share. Intel is the market leader in PC graphics, with AMD in the second place, and NVIDIA third.

Intel holds 60.4% of the market, a significant increase from the 54.8% it held in Q2 2011. It grew at the expense of both AMD and NVIDIA. AMD's share slipped a little, despite the introduction of new A-Series "Llano" accelerated processing units. AMD holds 23% of the market, down from the 24.4% it held in Q2. NVIDIA is in a bit of trouble. The green team holds 16.1% of the market, down from 20.1% it held in Q2. This is attributed to its exit from integrated graphics. Its discrete GPU business still sees growth.Source: TechConnect Magazine
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3 Comments on GPU Shipments Increase 16.7% in Q3, 18.4% Year over Year

"I go fast!1!11!1!"
Success of Sandy Bridge? I think they meant stonewalling competitors by removing the ability for third party integrated graphics to be used. Intel better tread carefully (AMD too) because NVIDIA has grounds for an anti-trust case the more they get pinched because of it. It screams "barrier to entry."
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I say it every year this comes out. I refuse to recognize Intel as a legitimate graphics maker.
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So let me get this right...
GPU's are on the rise because of APU's and IGP's?
hmmmm when I think of GPU's I think AMD & Nvidia and in noway do I ever, EVER, EVER! consider Intel...
I'd even think of Matrox before Intel.....
Personal note: Jon Peddie Research is obviously Pathetic in their TERMS and therefor all future research releases will be disregarded.
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