Friday, November 11th 2011

Colorful Launches the Most Powerful and Feature-Rich GeForce GTX 560 Ti

After showing off the PCB of the new design GTX560Ti days before, Colorful today releases this new graphics card and named iGame GTX560Ti Kudan.

iGame GTX560Ti Kudan requires three slots and assembles three fans, one is 80mm, and the other two are 70mm which with "Shark Bionic" design in order to reduce the noise. Users need to remove the cooler to install the expansion card on the obverse side near the rear plate. Both WHDI card and Television Card are available to be installed independently to satisfy users' requirement.
There are two BIOS onboard and each of them stores a clock, and the different clocks are controlled by the button on the rear plate. When users press the button, the clock will be overclocked to 900MHz/4200MHz from default clock (820MHz/4000MHz). However, when you install the extra Power-Kit into the slot on the back of the PCB, the clock will change to the amazing 1010MHz/4500MHz.

The iGame GTX560Ti Kudan has the unprecedented in dimensions of the packaging, which is up to 820mm (H) X165mm (L) X140mm (W), and with Chinese characters on it. With the huge packaging, there are three sets of accessories provided, and the quantity of the items is more than 20.
The first set is called Air-Kit, which is assembled by five detachable heat pipes that draw heat from the main heatsink. The Air-Kit can be installed to the corresponding position that previously prepared on the graphics card, and can efficiently reduce the heat of the graphics card.

The second set is called Power-Kit, which is introduced in the previous paragraph. The Power-Kit provides extra six phases of VRM, and have a "Monster BIOS" equipped. It is the first choice when users overclock this card after installing the Power-Kit.

The third set is called Color-Kit, which is made up by acrylic paints and brushes. It is provided for those users who have interest of painting on the shell of the cooler.

The expansion WHDI card and Television card for the front PCB slot is not provided in the accessories, Colorful may sell them separately latter. The retail price of iGame GTX560Ti Kudan is not mentioned at present.
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75 Comments on Colorful Launches the Most Powerful and Feature-Rich GeForce GTX 560 Ti

the box is too big as compared to the card ..............
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(She will find a use for the paint tubes, for sure! :)
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You could match the colours to your kitchen walls/furniture and use it to cut up your veggies...nice.
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hhumas said:
the box is too big as compared to the card ..............
box is important to take attention and make it looks exclusive, so bigger is better
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paints kinda dumb..

but what a beast......sparkle already has a 560ti that trashes a love to see what this guy can do.....

for all of you that udder "they shoulda used a 570 ] 580.... wake up pound for pound the gf104/114 is twice the chip as its brethren
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does anyone know where to buy i-game Colorful cards here in the US.... I want two of these.... Yes I know that they are usually an Asian company but like everything there has got to be away to import them from somewhere.
If someone knows please post it.... I would like to look into it even if it is has a little loss in money.
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All we wished for?

Arr, is it possible that this is born out of the wishes of hundreds of people like us posting here ;)
Haven't read yet the off. press release but i remember some design contest.
So basically that card should be what all of us have ever dreamed of :D
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I guess they might make 580 version as well. But it will be 4 slots and have 120mm fan on each Air-Kit module ^_^. Though it looks nice, but price and chip are incompatible. I think this cooler could serve 580 or even 590, but 560... :shadedshu. Still it looks like :nutkick: to ROG cards :D
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Man.... I love this company. Next week it'll be a. 560 with dual peltire coolers:laugh:
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why oh why do ever more companies slap even more extreme cooling on mid range cards!??!?!

this thing works well with just a single middle fan or two small fans.

for the price, any sensible buyer thinking of getting this should just pony up for a GTX570 or HD6970!
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Editor & Senior Moderator
Some slides from the Press-presentation:

^even the Chinese are making fun of #Occupyfailstreet :laugh:

^they ran a public brainstorming session among Chinese forums

^hand sketch of the product design that came out of the brainstorming session

^it does really look like something in orbit

^I have a hunch that at those speeds, it should beat GTX 560 Ti 448 Cores, both reference and any level 1 OC. NV will prevent partners from selling level 2 or above factory OC bins, because it will hurt GTX 570.

^ Modularity comes in the form of kits, each of which are optional for the running of the card, though everything is included in the package

^ This is interesting. 1/3 of the voltage regulation is shed to this card, if connected. It has four additional phases using flatcoil choke and DrMOS. It also has a 128 KB EEPROM that stores an epic clock speed BIOS that overrides one of the two BIOS ROMs on the main card. This mechanism makes sure that you have access to the epic clock speeds only when this card is installed (to guarantee electrical stability).

^ you don't have to plug in all four of them, just in any combination you like.

^OK, I'll leave this for you to comment.

^ component quality brag and free DrMOS marketing

^ cooler brag. If you look closely at the base, it's not exactly a plate in some parts, but a tightly packed layer of copper wires that are plated and polished on top. Then there's a solid plate right over the GPU, that's milled to perfection.

^backplate brag. Actually the backplate is more of a heatsink, with a silver-silica substrate that quickly conveys heat from the reverse part of the PCB. You can attach those heat-fin stack thingies to the backplate.

^ More cooler brag. Because, moar.

^ To summarise the overkill.

In my opinion, this isn't really overkill. With recent wage hikes and inflation not creeping up, the average Chinese today has more disposable-income than ever. So companies like Colorful aren't even bothering with US market. They'll end up selling most of their cards at home, some in Europe.
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:laugh: :roll:

Sweet. Some off-topic quote- "Everyone knows, the red ones going faster!"© This card is going to be a real trolling device :D

Asus gonna be jealous, 'cause it can be painted in ROG colors.
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white phantom
LOL! just me or does half of that look like damn cheesey stuff :laugh:??

a guy painting a gpu cover with a green line and then some mad metal sticky out things :laugh::laugh::laugh: buckled:roll:
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Truth be told....the card looks beastly....I would get one just because.....and the tag line said more than a miracle. Totally sold me right there. Sli city.
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What is this...I don't even?

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I feel slightly disgusted by that presentation...
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if these cards do well for them though, imagine what they could do with future top of the range cards??

I must admit it is a bit puzzling as to why they just dont pull the trigger and now and do it with a 580, but they didn't just make this card for a laugh, there must be a reason.

I know they have only done this with mid range cards so far, but im sure there will come a time when that will change, then what will Asus' answer be to that?? These things look even more nuts than the mars cards
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Seriously.. Ive seen better painting skillz from kinder students.. and that paint looks like is having a hard time bonding itself with the plastic

Why such an overkill for just a 560 though..
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I'm the only one
Isn't this a bit over the top for a 560ti, and seriously paints with it? wtf, mebbe fine if you buy one for your autistic son.

Sorry if i can't use this word but this card is retarded, at the price its retarded to buy it.
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For some reason this card makes me want to go out and punch a baby.... iTarded card is iTarded
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it's clever though, it's good advertising if nothing else for their other's not a card you're gonna forget fast.
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Steven B
why do they want you to piant ungly colors on a heatsink? Who came up with that one?
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