Friday, November 11th 2011

Colorful Launches the Most Powerful and Feature-Rich GeForce GTX 560 Ti

After showing off the PCB of the new design GTX560Ti days before, Colorful today releases this new graphics card and named iGame GTX560Ti Kudan.

iGame GTX560Ti Kudan requires three slots and assembles three fans, one is 80mm, and the other two are 70mm which with "Shark Bionic" design in order to reduce the noise. Users need to remove the cooler to install the expansion card on the obverse side near the rear plate. Both WHDI card and Television Card are available to be installed independently to satisfy users' requirement.
There are two BIOS onboard and each of them stores a clock, and the different clocks are controlled by the button on the rear plate. When users press the button, the clock will be overclocked to 900MHz/4200MHz from default clock (820MHz/4000MHz). However, when you install the extra Power-Kit into the slot on the back of the PCB, the clock will change to the amazing 1010MHz/4500MHz.

The iGame GTX560Ti Kudan has the unprecedented in dimensions of the packaging, which is up to 820mm (H) X165mm (L) X140mm (W), and with Chinese characters on it. With the huge packaging, there are three sets of accessories provided, and the quantity of the items is more than 20.
The first set is called Air-Kit, which is assembled by five detachable heat pipes that draw heat from the main heatsink. The Air-Kit can be installed to the corresponding position that previously prepared on the graphics card, and can efficiently reduce the heat of the graphics card.

The second set is called Power-Kit, which is introduced in the previous paragraph. The Power-Kit provides extra six phases of VRM, and have a "Monster BIOS" equipped. It is the first choice when users overclock this card after installing the Power-Kit.

The third set is called Color-Kit, which is made up by acrylic paints and brushes. It is provided for those users who have interest of painting on the shell of the cooler.

The expansion WHDI card and Television card for the front PCB slot is not provided in the accessories, Colorful may sell them separately latter. The retail price of iGame GTX560Ti Kudan is not mentioned at present.
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75 Comments on Colorful Launches the Most Powerful and Feature-Rich GeForce GTX 560 Ti

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i guess its good for moders. have to give credit for 1010Mhz core though...

BTW is it just me or the iProduct thing that apple invented really gets over-used?
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Editor & Senior Moderator
Availability: Asia and Europe only, high-ish prices (>400 EUR?)
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Unless it's guaranteed to hit 1200MHz core on the stock heatsink, that's quite a waste for a 560Ti. I still want one though.
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Bringing PC customization to a whole new level lol
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There might not be such a thing as overkill when it comes to PC hardware, but if there was, this would be it.
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wow- that looks cool, and it should be - with cooler solution like that even GTX 480 should get a cold bug ;)
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The 500 series runs incredibly cool, this cooler is a waste of time.
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bear jesus
Colorful seams to be trying to produce the most over the top cards possible but i like it.

I wish they were doing things like this with 580's, would be nice if they moved in to AMD cards as well.
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wow, they really made a serious card with nice cooler
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Why can I imagine someone colouring in the PCIE connector :roll:
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RowsolThe 500 series runs incredibly cool, this cooler is a waste of time.
I think you're exaggerating a bit.
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Block Caption of Rainey Street
Woah paint your own parts...
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This is like buying a Ford Fiesta with gold alloys and a 2.4 litre engine with 2 extra doors and a sail on top. I mean come on, wtf?

It's like colorful employ a mentalist to come up with ideas and they just say yeah, that'll be different.

"Yeah, a three slot cooler with an extra cooling kit so nothing else can fit in your expansion slots, great idea".

"Yeah, an extra card you can plug in to make it go over 1GHz but you have to disassemble it first, great idea".

"Paints, a painting kit? Yeah, that's great - let's put some paints in with it too."

"Include a spoon and some tin foil and they can smoke crack from it's obverse side, great idea".*

I may be harsh but why pimp out a 560 to such incontestably ludicrous amounts?

*I'm not sure how you smoke crack. Thankfully.
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This is like adding gold plated wings and a shark fin on lada
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why waste a grt cooling solution on a 560 ... wudnt it be better on a 580 rather ... ???
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A painting kit,=really? ugh, thats just too funny, i could see someone without a steady hand, making a right mess!!~ wahahahaa, switching it on in the case and watching wet paint fly all over the place. This has to be a joke, i dont believe it, air kit? what ~ did you look at the photo? air kit.

naaah, its not real. april fools or something.
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15th Warlock
And I have to ask: Why? :confused:

Seriously, the 560 is not even a high end card, who would pay a premium for it? mind you it's not even the 448 core version.... :wtf:
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btarunrAvailability: Asia and Europe only, high-ish prices (>400 EUR?)

At current exchange rates that would make this card ~ £340 or roughly about the same price as a GTX580 and over twice that of a GTX560TI......

I say again; WHAT?
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The Von Matrices
Does anyone notice the size of the box compared to the card inside it? It must be at least a meter long!
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Why are all these overpriced cards surfacing all of a sudden...first Powercolor's Devil and now this. I don't really see the point in this. If I wanted to paint a card, I'd just buy paint?
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i want to see this on benchmark and how this looked inside case with those freaky heatsinks
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Overclocked quantum bit
Wonderful grammar. :rolleyes: You'd think they'd make the effort to get that right on a press release, wouldn't you? The writer's first language at Colorful obviously isn't English and hasn't learned it properly.
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I lol'd so hard that I sharted.
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It's cool to me, very aggressive looking and thermal dissipators, but i prefer without that paint idea...
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