Tuesday, December 6th 2011

Samsung Plans New Flash Memory Plant to Fuel Industry Growth

Flash memory major Samsung announced plans to build a new flash memory plant in China to meet growing demands by mobile computing device manufacturers in the coming years. The new manufacturing plant will be built at a cost of over US $4 billion, Samsung hopes it will fuel the $22 billion flash memory industry's growth next year. When operationalised, the new flash memory plant will be Samsung's second outside South Korea.

The NAND flash memory industry is seeing exceptional growth at 20%, it will be worth $26 billion next year. President of Samsung's memory business, Jun Dong-soo, said in a statement "[The new factory] will enable us to meet fast growing demand from our customers and at the same time strengthen our overall competitiveness in the memory industry."
Source: Reuters
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2 Comments on Samsung Plans New Flash Memory Plant to Fuel Industry Growth

yay for increased supply and continually dropping prices!!!!
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Great stuff, China has enough competent educated willing to work engineers, few if any restrictions and all things that makes investing favorable.
Great move Samsung and with the Chinese's booming "space race" they would need at least 30%+ of what Samsung can manufacture in China. "China the greyhound bus service of space travel".

Time to buy more Samsung stock. $$$$$$$ :toast:
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