Monday, December 26th 2011

ASRock Readies Hasbro Transformers-Themed Motherboards

Although ASRock's lineup of socket LGA2011 motherboards is expansive, covering several price-points, and being available in various form-factors (ATX, XL-ATX, and Micro-ATX), all its X79 Extreme series motherboards launched so far, barring the X79 Fatal1ty Profess1onal, features the same black+silver color scheme. ASRock wants to add some color and side-branding to its X79 Extreme motherboards without necessarily investing much in coming up with new designs. Hence it came up with the idea of making Hasbro Transformers-themed motherboards.

On its Facebook page, ASRock disclosed some rough-sketches (for now, Photoshop quickies), of the X79 Optimus Prime, and the X79 Bumblebee, named after two of the most iconic Autobots from the franchise. These essentially look like the X79 Extreme9 with appropriately-colored heatsink shrouds and expansion slots. The quality of those pictures indicates that ASRock is still in the brainstorming stage of these products, seeking opinions of its Facebook fans, and it will be a while before these products take shape, if they take shape to begin with.
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56 Comments on ASRock Readies Hasbro Transformers-Themed Motherboards

Jetster said:
Well building a rig is not as hard as it use to be:D
Lol I know right. People ask me "isn't like impossible to build a computer?" I always say its like really expensive Lego's lol.
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I have problems with Lego's They are way to complicated these days
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Jetster said:
I have problems with Lego's They are way to complicated these days
:rofl: You need Duplo then. :p
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Yukikaze said:
So now we know why Asus got sued for the "Asus Transformer"...
Yea Hasbro taking notice to the Transformer Prime was, interesting..
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The Doctor is in the house
Static~Charge said:
Read the original post again:

ASRock hasn't produced anything yet; they're soliciting feedback on possible ideas. None of this stuff will see the light of the assembly line unless ASRock pays for a license from the owner.
I did read the first post but I was hinting at Hasbro suing Asus for using the words Transformer and Prime in the name of a product which isn't a breach of the trademark but I believe the use of a trademark without the owners permission (like in this picture) is not allowed.
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This looks like some kind of LGBT themed motherboard. I wonder how well something like that would sell.
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