Friday, December 30th 2011

Aqua Computer Unveils First Water Block for Radeon HD 7970

Aqua Computer is the first in the industry with a water block designed for AMD Radeon HD 7970 graphics card. Called the AquagrATIx 7900, the block provides full-coverage for the obverse side of the AMD Radeon HD 7970 PCB, which is where all the heat-producing components are. Its primary material is copper, with a stainless steel top. Its channel bears a nearly symmetric shape, the portion over the GPU is ridged to increase sub-surface area for improved heat dissipation to the coolant. While the AquagrATIx 7900 doesn't include fittings, it features two standard G1/4" threads (the inlet and outlet). The block is also said to be compatible with Radeon HD 7950. Aqua Computer is accepting orders for this, with estimated delivery time of 21 days. It is priced at €89.90.
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10 Comments on Aqua Computer Unveils First Water Block for Radeon HD 7970

They make a great CPU block I am very pleased with mine. I had a couple of their blocks for my old X1900 Crossfire setup. Quality products to get here in Europe.
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That was really quick. None of the vendors have listed a 7970 on their website yet.
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Looks very restricting to water flow rate...
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Nick89 said:
Looks very restricting to water flow rate...
I think that looks just fine.
Aqua Computer have proven that they know what they're doing, so i'm going to trust them with this one. :respect::respect::respect:
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Right on! :toast: Hope they get many other 28nm blocks ready. Aqua Computer is my favorite water block choice for gpu.
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Non-reference-advance-cooled GPUs may, just may be better over a reference with waterblock on it (look at sapphire's plans for atomic versions and HD7900 PCB)
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