Thursday, January 5th 2012

AMD Slips Out Radeon HD 7670 to OEMs

Without making any noise, AMD rolled out an OEM-exclusive graphics card model, the Radeon HD 7670. This GPU is completely identical to the previous-generation Radeon HD 6670, making it a rebrand. It has identical specifications to the 40 nm Turks GPU, which drives the retail HD 6670, with 480 VLIW5 stream processors, a 128-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface holding 512 MB or 1 GB of memory, 24 TMUs, 8 ROPs, and clock speeds of 800 MHz core, and 4.00 GHz memory. This GPU was featured on some of HP's desktop PC products. The product page of this OEM-only GPU can be found here.

Source: Anandtech
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52 Comments on AMD Slips Out Radeon HD 7670 to OEMs

suraswami said:
can I rename a 6670 to 7670 using some kind of tool?

Can 7670 still be able to CF with A8/A10 APUs?

hmm will the 6670 price lowered just incase 7670 is available as non-OEM?

How big of a jump is from 4670 to 6670?
It is perfectly identical to 6670, everything that works with with 6670, it will work with 7670, and the price is pretty much the same as the OEM 6670 was.

The card ID can be edited, with a BIOS update, but it would be pointless.

It is cca. 20% faster than 4670, and the directx api support and the multimedia features are more advanced.

Again, the 4670 was a low-middle class vga, while the 5670 and the 6670 was a strong-low class one.
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Isenstaedt said:
So the cheapest 28nm card they'll be releasing is the $150 7770? Back in the day there used to be <$100 cards.
LOL, since when are 7770s 150 $!? 7790s go for less than that...

Anyay, there's the R7750s... and the sometime in the future to be released 8740 (7750 rebrand) and 8750 (actual new card).
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