Saturday, January 21st 2012

Arctic To Sue AMD Over ''Fusion'' Brand Name

Swiss company Arctic (formerly Arctic Cooling), has used the brand name "Fusion" on its PSU products well before AMD's so-called "Fusion" APU family came to be. Arctic was smart enough to register its trademark, and is now piling up ammo to take AMD to court over alleged trademark infringement. Arctic acquired the brand name "Fusion" from Boot Up International Ltd., and its Fusion trademark is valid in Europe. Still a sizable market for AMD.

The interesting part is, AMD doesn't use "Fusion" as a brand name anywhere, except maybe its company slogan "The future is fusion", where "fusion" is used as a verb (fusion of various computing technologies to give a homogenous computing experience), and the company internally referring to its APU architecture as "Fusion", on the outside though, AMD brands its APUs under its Vision processor family, with no "Fusion" branding anywhere, except the company slogan.
Further, AMD even renamed its "fusion architecture" to "heterogeneous architecture". Arctic could have grounds to claim that AMD's use of "fusion" may have hurt its brand or sales. This is one Arctic fishing expedition you don't want to miss.Source:
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eidairaman1 said:
says the fanboy
Fanboy of what? Certainly not Cougars. :twitch:
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Pro Indian Modder
amd has been using the future is fusion for a long time now.
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