Tuesday, January 31st 2012

BitFenix Ghost Mid-Tower Chassis Seen from More Angles

Remember the unnamed BitFenix mid-tower we revealed yesterday? Well it's nameless no more. The case is called Ghost and it's got more goodies than initially thought.

Seen below, the upcoming chassis has a black coating both inside and out, and features a front door that can be opened to the left or to the right, a top-placed I/O panel with four USB 3.0 ports, a built-in SATA drive dock (also found on top), and three 5.25-inch bays with tool-free mounting systems.

BitFenix's Ghost also has four 3.5-inch and three 2.5-inch internal drive trays, support for micro ATX and ATX motherboards, three pre-drilled holes for watercooling tubing (all on the rear panel), a (removable) top mesh panel with a foam dust filter, and seven PCI slots (no fans though). Still no word on the pricing or availability of this case.
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9 Comments on BitFenix Ghost Mid-Tower Chassis Seen from More Angles

Sp33d Junki3
Kinda smart of them to make a dedicated SSD rack mount, without removing the HDD cage to make longer cards fit.
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case is ready to fulfil all kind of a gamers requirement ... and it simple i like it
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Looks solid, but why no dust filters at the bottom? Or they are just not attached right out of box?
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If this is sub £70, then it's a winner (winner, chicken dinner).

Might have to get one...
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Addicted to Bacon and StarCrunches!!!
Great looking case. IMO It could use a nice window but thats just me, I love windowed cases.
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I'm curious if it supports tall CPU coolers... I have Thermalright Archon which barely fits into CM 690. So I'm looking for something wider...
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Senior Moderator
Like the fact that is has holes cut for a radiator at top. Lack of clearence for either a radiator or fans negates what I like. So.. don't like it.
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The :) -s:
Looks like room for 8 expansion slots
Smart idea for 2,5" cage (although who has more than 1-2 SSD-s?)
SATA-drive dock

The :( -s:
No PSU dust filter
Audio & MIC ports colored
Not ALL cables sleeved in black
From that picture, the front door looks really cheap and ugly

Front fans - how many and what size (120 or 140)?
Windowed version available?
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That's just an engineering sample, so they will probably add dust filters later on. Although I personally don't care (I don't like them, and remove them asap). In my opinion it's not a cons. As noted the SSD cage is a smart idea. Hope they change the audio and mic ports with metal ones, instead of the plastic. The sleeving I don't care about as well.

Off topic: to the editors: can you find more pictures of the "Prodigy" case. This is the only site that actually has pictured it. And it is such a cool case :)
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