Thursday, February 2nd 2012

Orico Intros X-Gear Modular Storage System

Chinese storage and peripherals major Orico unveiled the X-Gear modular storage system, which consists of three products: the XG-2501p, which is a 2.5-inch SATA HDD/SSD enclosure; the XG-3502i, which is a slot-in docking-station for the XG-2501p that fits into an exposed 3.5-inch drive bay; and the XG-2516s, which is a combo-package of these two products (an enclosure of your choice, and the slot-in dock).

The XG-2501p enclosure sports a brushed-aluminum exterior, and is available in a variety of colors. The XG-3502i has a slot-in tray for the enclosure, with a mechanical eject button for any inserted XG-2501p, and an activity indicator. The XG-2501p is priced at 28 RMB (US $5), the XG-3502i at 49 RMB ($7.8), and XG-2516s at 69 RMB ($11).
Source: Expreview
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If I understand this product, they should have gone one step further and provided a USB 3.0snap on for the 2.5" enclosure, so you can keep it plugged into the PC via Sata, then take it out, snap in the USB 3.0 part and go mobile.
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Black Hades
Love the concept, great price. Where could I buy these in Europe I wonder.
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