Friday, February 3rd 2012

ASUS' MS-100 USB Speakers get a Picture Preview

Announced late last year together with the HS-W1 Wireless Headset, ASUS' MS-100 USB speakers have now went their separate way to be the focus of an unboxing/preview piece. Pictured below, the stereo speakers target mobile users and feature a cone design, a glossy black coating, a rubber stand that reduces vibration, and only USB connectivity (no need for a separate power cord).

The MS-100 makes use of 54 mm drivers, it has a frequency response of 100 Hz to 20 KHz, and delivers a total output of 3 W RMS. Still no word on pricing or availability but it’s likely the speakers will be out very soon.

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3 Comments on ASUS' MS-100 USB Speakers get a Picture Preview

They look like crap and horrible specs. But I guess you can't get much power out of USB. Should have gone 3.0 more power.
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If its USB 3.0 exclusive it going to be compatibility problem. Not much system have it. Its USB speaker so don't expect any miracles
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they remind me of Lacie Sound2 usb speakers
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