Thursday, February 16th 2012

Aerocool Debuts the Vs-3 and Vs-3 Advance Mid-Tower Cases

Aerocool has just added a couple of new PC cases to its PGS-V (V for Value) Series, the Vs-3 and Vs-3 Advance mid-towers featuring a 0.5 mm steel structure, a black coating inside and out, and support for ATX and micro ATX motherboards, and for graphics cards up to 400 mm long.

The cases measure 440 (H) x 180 (W) x 475 (D) mm and have three exposed 5.25-inch bays with tool-free mounting, six 3.5-inch internal bays, seven PCI slots, two pre-drilled holes at the rear for watercooling tubing, and a 120 mm (1200 RPM) fan at the back (the Vs-3 Advance also includes a front 120 mm fan with blue LEDs).

The Vs-3 costs 34.99 Euro and comes with a front I/O panel boasting two USB 2.0 ports (and two audio connectors) while the Vs-3 Advance is priced at 39.99 Euro and has two USB 3.0 front ports.
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6 Comments on Aerocool Debuts the Vs-3 and Vs-3 Advance Mid-Tower Cases

Someone has to stop the flood of terrorizing ugly, cheap looking PC-cases. I guess it should be the customer who's supporting disastrously hardware-designs. sigh ...
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but at least their side panel looks good
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It doesn't. It's crap like this turning Apple-users to laugh about "us" PC-users.
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I don't know about ya'll but I like it. Though not enough to buy one...
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sorry for teh bump but just saw this VS-3 while googling hehe, im not a fan of the front design but the side is okay specially both sides since it has exhaust for both (i can slap an enermax magnetic clip fan there i suppose). Its like the upgrade version of my VS-9 except now it has pre drilled holes while still retaining the modular drive placement, now only if i can slap the front face of my VS-9 there to replace the meh look of that VS-3...
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Pro Indian Modder
tooo much of an over the top concept..
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