Thursday, March 8th 2012

ASRock Intros First AMD MB Supporting Lucid Virtu Universal MVP - A75 Pro4/MVP

World's Top3 motherboard maker, ASRock Inc, presented its multidimensional products at CeBIT 2012, including a wide range of motherboard, HTPC and IPC mobo series. For AMD section, the most shining motherboard would be the A75 Pro4/MVP. This is the first AMD motherboard supporting Lucid Virtu Universal MVP™ technology in the world. It allows gamers to take advantage of this new technique and enjoy the amazing performance boost from HyperFormance and Virtual Vsync.

Fast response is incredibly important in games. ASRock is all excited about its brand new achievement in the field of graphics enhancement. ASRock A75 Pro4/MVP motherboard supports Lucid Virtu Universal MVP, is optimized to make your PC look better, respond faster, process video and media smoother, all within a lower power environment. Major features include :

1.HyperFormance: A new technology which combines integrated and discrete graphics for uncompromised performance and improves gaming frame rates 30-70%. Special highlight here is that HyperFormance is also supported with both ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards.

Taken NVIDIA GTX560 graphics card for testing. When enabling Virtu HyperFormance in ASRock A75 Pro4/MVP motherboard, the graphics scores increase significantly. Compared to the integrated VGA and discrete VGA, it provides up to 41.12% performance boost in 3DMark 11 (Extreme mode) test. HyperFormance gives a pretty good showing in performance term, demonstrating a huge improvement in graphics result.

2.Virtual Vsync: A technology designed to solve the ever lasting debate between quality and performance. Bring GPU performance from 60 FPS Vsync limit back to its maximum while keeping Vsync image quality and no tearing.

3.Switchable Graphics: Dynamically assigns tasks to be the best graphics resource regardless of physical cable connections.

The soon-to-be-released A75 Pro4/MVP motherboard may not be the best of the plethora of A75 APU motherboards around but it just goes to show that you don't need the most expensive board to get serious performance. If you are an eagle-eyed user looking for the exciting technology, never forget to come to experience the new wonder of ASRock CeBIT 2012 (Hall 17, C32)!

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4 Comments on ASRock Intros First AMD MB Supporting Lucid Virtu Universal MVP - A75 Pro4/MVP

This is promising for AMD - I'm looking forward to the benches on this board, I would like to see the A8-3870K @ 3.6Ghz Coupled with a 6850...with the rest of the crap needed You're looking at £400 - £450 for a full system there.

The scores posted here (with the GTX560) are breaching on GTX570 Territory - I think this is ridiculous - but awesome.
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Completely Bonkers
This is great. Asrock doing funky stuff again. I had thought that Lucid had abandoned this - glad to see I was wrong - perhaps it was the mismatched discrete cards that has been let go. If Lucid had this technology 5 years ago, I bet Asrock would have pulled off an AGP+PCIe combo!

Let's hope Asrock do an Intel version of this.
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Completely Bonkers said:
If Lucid had this technology 5 years ago, I bet Asrock would have pulled off an AGP+PCIe combo!
Yeah, well VIA beat Licud to it. My 4CoreDual-SATA2 does AGP+PCI-e. It's just a pain in the neck to make it work. But it works.
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this will be available on all new Intel and AMD high-end platforms
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