Monday, March 12th 2012

ASUS Also Working on the $800+ UX32A and UX32Vd Zenbooks

In addition to bringing the UX21A and UX31A, the upcoming Zenbook series update is set to see the arrival of two more ultrabooks, the UX32A and UX32Vd. Set to cost between $800 and $1,100, these 'budget-minded' ultrabooks are 18.3 mm thick, they weight 1.45 kg, and feature a 13.3-inch (HD or optionally, Full HD IPS), display, 2/4 GB of RAM, a 500 GB hard drive backed by a 24 GB SSD (for some caching fun), and a low-voltage Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge (1.8 GHz Core i3-3217U, 2.4 GHz Core i5-3317U or 2.8 GHz Core i7-3517U) processor.

The UX32A comes with integrated graphics, while the UX32Vd will come equipped with a GeForce GT620M 1 GB card. Both models will have WiFi, Bluetooth, optional WiDi, and offer up to seven hours of battery life. Source: The Verge
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9 Comments on ASUS Also Working on the $800+ UX32A and UX32Vd Zenbooks

1080p IPS panel, Ivy Bridge with HD4000 graphics, and a 500 GB HDD with a 20GB cache, all for $1100 or less? I'm going to buy the shit out of this.
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I wouldn't mind to buy the UX32Vd with the FullHD IPS panel and the GT620M.
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Caching is not fun! Its expensive :p
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As a previous owner of the original UX31, I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye out for these. I really hope they integrate a nicer keyboard this time.
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Full HD IPS display + IVB in a 13"?
where does the line start?
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General Lee
Looks like the 1080p 13" Zenbook is my next laptop. The thing I hate most about my current laptop is its crappy glossy tn-panel. Let's just hope the IPS panel option doesn't mean +500$ price tag.

Also an SSD is a must, mechanical hdd is just a disaster waiting to happen in this form factor.
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Why so little ram on these things. Its not like ram is expensive...
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ASUS shut up and take my money!
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