Monday, March 12th 2012

ORICO Unveils 95x8RUS3 4-bay and 5-bay USB 3.0 RAID Boxes

ORICO unveiled the 9548RUS3 (4-bay) and 9558RUS3 (5-bay) external RAID enclosures. Built with front-loading 3.5-inch SATA HDD caddies, these enclosures can be set to run the installed HDDs in a variety of RAID modes (0/1/3/5/10) apart from standalone. The inbuilt RAID controller supports physical drives with capacities up to 3 TB only, although the RAID volumes can be bigger. The enclosures then connect to a host over USB 3.0 SuperSpeed and eSATA. Both models are available in black and silver color options, the main unit draws power from an external power brick, and is ventilated using two 60 mm fans. The panels are made of aluminum. ORICO did not give out pricing/availability information.
Source: Expreview
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4 Comments on ORICO Unveils 95x8RUS3 4-bay and 5-bay USB 3.0 RAID Boxes

3TB limit .. . but we have 4TB drives now. . .
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If 3tb is supported I don't see why 4tb wouldn't?
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These look really nice, but that 3tb limit is a bit of a downer.
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I been using different revisions of these in China for over a few years.

Tho, I must say that these enclosures have severe quality issues, my first enclosure developed a crack along the rear fan mount plate. and my 2nd my enclosure's bay-handle snapped right off with my drive stuck inside, these handles are made out of very cheap (and thin) aluminium, and they bend easily, and the clip mechanism that hooks onto the drive is very rough, it sometimes gets stuck and your drive is in there forever, until you crack it out with a screwdriver, but then thats $300 down the drain. :banghead:
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