Thursday, April 12th 2012

Intel Makes SSD 910 PCI-Express Family Official

Intel today finally announced its SSD 910 "Ramsdale" PCI-Express SSD family. This is Intel's first SSD in the PCI-Express add-on card form-factor. Like its 2.5" SSD 710 series, the SSD 910 utilizes HET-MLC NAND flash chips, arranged in four SSD subuits. SSD 910 design consists of three stacked PCBs, the one with the PCI-Express 2.0 x8 bus interface holds a PCI-Express to SAS bridge (essentially a RAID controller), and four SAS/NAND ASICs (SSD controllers). Each controller is wired out to its NAND flash memory chips, which are arranged in the other PCBs.

The PCIe-SAS bridge is made by LSI. The SSD 910 series comes in two variants based on capacity: 400 GB and 800 GB. The 400 GB variant has just two SSD subunits, and hence provides transfer rates (according to an older article) of 1 GB/s reads and 750 MB/s writes, with 90,000 IOPS reads, with 38,000 IOPS writes; while the 800 GB variant, with its four subunits, provides 2 GB/s reads with 1 GB/s writes, and 180,000 IOPS reads, with 75,000 IOPS writes. The launch price of the SSD 910 400 GB variant is US $1,929; while the 800 GB variant is priced at US $3859, at launch.

Source: HotHardware
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Time to start selling my organs to afford one of these epic monsters. :roll:
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My OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 will eat this thing alive at better speeds and price. Don't get me wrong I like Intel drives and my first SSD was an Intel, but there price is way to high. With the LSI chipset it's geared more for data protection then speed. Now this would eat mine alive for data protection... This would be a great data/SQL server. But if you just want it to load windows faster, games and programs.. then i would pick my OCZ RevoDrive 3 x2 any day for only $654.99 at the egg it has Max Sequential Read Up to 1500 MB/s and Max Sequential Write Up to 1225 MB/s and Up to 200,000 IOPS.

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I think this is geared towards enterprises.
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