Monday, April 23rd 2012

Intel Core i3 "Ivy Bridge" Desktop Pricing Surfaces

Although slated for June, Intel's budged 22 nm "Ivy Bridge" processors, under the Core i3 brand extension, matter a lot to system builders, small businesses, and enterprises. Three of its first models to be launched are priced. These include the Core i3-3220, priced at 113€ (US $149); Core i3-3225 at 130€ (US $172); and Core i3-3240 at 132€ (US $172).

The i3-3220 succeeds the current-generation Core i3-2100, it is clocked at 3.30 GHz. The i3-3225 has the same clock speed, but a faster integrated graphics (HD 4000 vs. HD 2500 on the i3-3220). The i3-3240 is clocked at 3.40 GHz, but retains the slower HD 2500 graphics from the i3-3220. All three chips are dual-core, lack Turbo Boost, but feature Hyper Threading. The PCI-Express root complex is thrown back to PCI-Express Gen 2.0, they lack Gen 3.0.
Source: VR-Zone
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2 Comments on Intel Core i3 "Ivy Bridge" Desktop Pricing Surfaces

im not likeing the desperately crappy gpu varience, hd2500-4000 dependant on a suffux( some just see i3 or dual core and run off with a new pc), i can see some unhappy first boots ahead, and a fair few :wtf::wtf:'s when trying a game..

i guess they have one soley aimed at offices but still, i wouldnt touch it with yours.:D
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