Friday, May 4th 2012

Leetgion El'Druin Gaming Mouse Detailed

Here are some of the first images of Leetgion's second gaming mouse, the El'Druin. While its first mouse, the Hellion, is optimized for StarCraft II, the El'Durin is designed for Diablo III. Still in its CGI form, the El'Durin is an ambidextrous-looking mouse that has twelve programmable hotkeys including a 5-directional thumb S-pad (for quick actions). Its main two buttons are backed by Japanese Omron switches.

Under the hood is an Avago 9500 laser sensor with a tracking resolution of 5,000 DPI. This sensor is backed by Leetgion's patented DPI micro-tuner that allows users to adjust the tracking resolution at extremely fine steps. The mouse includes four custom profile sets including a default profile. For ergonomics there are four removable palm plates. The El'Durin measures 126 x 80 x 44 mm (LxWxH).
Source: NikkTech
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5 Comments on Leetgion El'Druin Gaming Mouse Detailed

all it needs is a red led strip hidden under where the buttons meet the top and u got yerself a Cylon mouse! :rockout:
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Overclocked quantum bit
Looks wierd, like a bug with mandibles. I'll pass.
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At least they're trying something slightly different, even if the style's terrible.
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In today's PC gaming platform gear, without multi-button mouse, it will give the phase-out. :shadedshu

if you feel support, thumb it buddy ! :rockout:
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It's almost almost as ugly and terrible as the word (?) "Leetgion".
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