Friday, May 4th 2012

AMD Appoints Colette LaForce as Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

AMD announced today that Colette LaForce, 39, will join the company as senior vice president and chief marketing officer, reporting to President and Chief Executive Officer Rory Read. In her new role, LaForce will lead global integrated marketing for AMD, including marketing strategy, branding, internal and external communications, corporate events, sponsorships and entertainment marketing.

“Colette brings strong technology marketing and brand-building experience, a fresh perspective and a results-oriented approach that will strengthen AMD’s global marketing organization,” Read said. “Her deep expertise will accelerate the revitalization of the AMD brand, amplifying our voice in the marketplace while helping position the company for long-term growth.”

LaForce will join AMD this month from Dell, where she is currently global vice president and chief marketing officer of the approximately $8 billion Dell Services business unit. As chief marketing officer for Dell Services, LaForce leads integrated marketing, demand generation, events, internal and external communications, sales enablement and alliance partnerships. While at Dell, LaForce has also held senior leadership positions within the corporate marketing, global communications, product marketing and business unit marketing groups. She also led Dell’s corporate thought leadership and executive communications programs.

Before joining Dell, LaForce spent nearly a decade in marketing and communications leadership roles for a variety of technology and venture capital companies, including Rackable Systems (now SGI) and Accenture.

LaForce has a Bachelor of Arts and graduated with honors from the University of Notre Dame. She will join AMD on May 14, 2012 and will be based in Austin, Texas.
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15 Comments on AMD Appoints Colette LaForce as Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Fishfaced Nincompoop
Sounds like a supervillain.
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Wrong...with this it officially means...LaForce is with them!! ;) :D

I got it...Papermaster Reads through LaForce. Which means...Papermaster is a Miraluka Jedi!!!! :D

Man I love these new AMD big wigs...such fun names!
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Frick said:
Sounds like a supervillain.
Exactly the kind of people you need in a marketing department :laugh:
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Frick said:
Sounds like a supervillain.
I envisaged the same thing almost :-D only my thought was of the worlds top nascar driver :roll:

also made me think of futurama's coilette for some reason, whats wrong with us.

Anyways, like others have said, if they keep changing senior staff then its going to be hard to find a clear direction for the company.
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I hope she is with the dark side, coz against Intel dirty tricks must be used.:nutkick:
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May the 4th be with you Collete :laugh:
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Velvet Wafer
Finally AMD gets their own LaForge...eerrrr LaForce ;)
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Senior Monkey Moderator
AMD desperately needs to toss some money into marketing and get their stuff in the consumers' faces.
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So, this is the person who replaced Nigel Dessau.
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AMD Employee requirements:-
Must have kick ass sounding name.
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She should make a nice team addition to James Ironwill & Shirley Blastmaster, both of whom already work in Marketing.
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The Exiled Airman
Kreij said:
AMD desperately needs to toss some money into marketing and get their stuff in the consumers' faces.
TV, Internet, Radio, Mobile, Email
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Pro Indian Modder
AMD, may LaForce be with you
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Frick said:
Sounds like a supervillain.
Hahaha exactly the kind of guy you'd expect fall in love with Cruella de Vil

Cruella LaForce, now that has a nice ring to it
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