Friday, May 11th 2012

Scythe Intros Easy HDD Rack Enclosure

Scythe Japan introduced a new accessory that makes hot-plugging 3.5-inch HDDs possible for most users, taking advantage of AHCI hot-plugging feature. The SCEMR-1000 from Scythe occupies one 5.25-inch drive bay in your chassis, and provides a 3.5-inch SATA HDD caddie. Key mounting portions of the enclosure are made of steel, other parts made of ABS. The interface portion of the enclosure is "dumb", in that it merely conveys the SATA interface of the drive inserted to your SATA host controller and PSU. Slated for mid-May, the SCEMR-1000 will be sold by Scythe for 1,480 JPY (US $18.5).

Source: Hermitage Akihabara
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4 Comments on Scythe Intros Easy HDD Rack Enclosure

Like all the racks out there, none support the WDD Raptors...WHY??
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cool especially when all bays in your case is 5,25 inch
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its not dumb, your dumb...but really, how else were they supposed to do it, put a circuit board thats gonna do nothing but convey the signals pin for pin?
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Smarter enclosures allow to disconnect HDD with button push or key switch. That's the smartness of interface.
Normally smarter enclosures have fan, some have temperature monitoring.
This one doesn't seem to have even fan mount and Scyche makes fans. This is what's dumb.
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