Wednesday, May 23rd 2012

GIGABYTE Launches Intel Xeon Processor E5-2400 Family Server Motherboard Series

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of server hardware, today announced the launch of its series of server motherboard based on Intel latest generation of server CPUs, the Xeon processor E5-2400 family.

GIGABYTE is mostly known for its various innovations on motherboards and graphics cards for desktop computers, but it has also relied on this long time experience for many years to deliver outstanding server hardware, constantly at the edge of technology.

The latest Intel Xeon processor E5-2400 family based units are no exception and provide extremely high-value building blocks for demanding server applications, notably through their ability to outperform their competitors in memory frequency. Indeed, this series supports 1.35V RDIMMs up to 32 GB running at 1600 MHz in a two DIMMs per channel configuration, when the rest of the market only supports similar configuration running at 1333 MHz. Achieved through GIGABYTE's capabilities in design, PCB layout and BIOS fine-tuning, this feature will be most appreciated in industries where each incremental improvement in performance results in significant benefits, such as in finance or HPC applications.

This new series includes the following models:

GA-7PESL & GA-7PESLX - These two high end dual socket server motherboards are the mainstream models of this new series, mainly addressed to enterprise requirements for top performance computing in server and datacenter environments. They have been designed to achieve their backbone role with the highest flexibility possible, which means large memory and expansion platforms, and different options in storage connectivity as well as remote board management controllers.

GA-7PESE3 & GA-7PESE4 These two boards are the dual socket models of this series that are specially designed to deliver the highest efficiency in terms of power consumption and cooling in high density infrastructure. Thanks to the grouped position of the socket, the processors can be cooled more effectively, and the air flow directed on the sockets will also pass on the expansions located on the same axis as the sockets. They are also built with the latest generation of dual LAN controller, and support the SATA 3.0 and PCI-Express 3.0 revisions.

GA-7PCSL - This model is dedicated to specific server applications that do not require particularly large memory and expansion platforms, although it keeps the best standards of today as well as GIGABYTE proven design.

For the detailed specifications of these motherboards, please visit:
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Maxim 384GB of RAM!!!!! Imagine creating a Virtual Drive and running apps at 12800MB/s :))
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...Ive never seen a Gigabyte Server MB
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anyone try to run CPU intensive games on those boards with dual CPU for shits and giggles and benchmarked them? ( games like BF3 and armed assault 2 )
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