Wednesday, May 30th 2012

FinalWire AIDA64 v2.50 Released

FinalWire released its monthly update to AIDA64, a popular system diagnostic and benchmark utility. Apart from support for over 2,000 new devices, including NVIDIA GeForce 600 series, OCZ Vertex 4 series, and Intel SSD 330 series; the new version provides information on available speech APIs, and includes a revamped SensorPanel with graphs and gauges that reads from the sensor module.

DOWNLOAD: FinalWire AIDA64 v2.50 Installer - EXE | Portable - ZIP
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3 Comments on FinalWire AIDA64 v2.50 Released

Even though the auto update popped up this morning. I still love downloading a second copy for storage.

Thanks :-) Can't wait to plug in the 670 this evening when I get home from work.
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Thanks for the heads up, i always like updating manually.
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