Friday, September 14th 2012

Leadtek Enhances 10% Cooling Performance for GeForce GTX 650

Leadtek Research Inc, a world-leading maker of professional gaming graphics cards, launches the overclocking version of the GeForce GTX 650 graphics card. The new-generation GeForce GTX 650 is based on the new 28nm GK107 ASIC derived from the NVIDIA Kepler architecture. With graphics that clock up to 1,100MHz, the GeForce GTX 650 OC comes in a dual-fan design with 1GB GDDR5 memory and four outputs onboard to support output for up to four monitors for gamers to enjoy live experience at the most best price. There is also a standard version with 2GB GDDR5 memory.
The dual-fan design on the GeForce GTX 650 OC from Leadtek contains two 74mm fans to enhance cooling. Test results with FURMARK show that this dual-fan design can reduce GPU temperature by 11ºC lower than NVIDIA's standard design, 10% better! Equipped with the PCI Express 3.0 bus, 128-bit memory interface width, and 1GB/2GB GDDR5 memory, the GeForce GTX 650 OC from Leadtek supports such outputs as HDMI, Dual-Link DVI-D, D-SUB, and DisplayPort at the same time. Maximum resolution at 5760 x 1080 (NVIDIA Surround) allows gamers to enjoy life-like car-racing games and flight simulator games. By connecting to a fourth monitor, users can also check IM messages, e-mails and network information at the same time.

The OC feature and NVIDIA Kepler architecture together enhance performance for gamers to make swift motions in games and experience extreme fidelity from the TXAA, a new anti-aliasing technique from NVIDIA. The TXAA combines hardware anti-aliasing, a custom anti-aliasing resolve, and a temporal filter to specifically reduce temporal aliasing (crawling and flickering in motion). With the hardware multiple sampling anti-aliasing (MSAA) and the said temporal frame filter, particularly in motions, the TXAA delivers extreme fidelity for gamers to enjoy high-quality images.

This new product fully supports the NVIDIA Surround four-screen output, Microsoft DirectX 11, NVIDIA PhysX Technology, NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync, NVIDIA 3D Vision ready, and OpenGL 4.2. It is also compatible with all kinds of programming languages, high-end computers and TV games.
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8 Comments on Leadtek Enhances 10% Cooling Performance for GeForce GTX 650

Sir Alex Ice
"NVIDIA’s standard design"?! What is that? Where?! How?!
There is no such thing for these GPUs, just what the producers are choosing to make. I dare you to show me an NVIDIA standard design.
It's marketing bullshit at the least, though to be more realistic, it's plain lying.
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Well, there is a reference design, a specified minimum requirement design from components and thermal standpoint. But there is no such as "standard" for any kind of design.
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Yes there is, pci-e is a standard by which these cards are designed, among many others.

Its obvious the article means reference board.

thanx for post btarunr.!
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Really these 650s should be single slot or passively cooled.
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Dual fan on a 64W max TDP card? lol. This is called "$1 fan for $15 price hike" probably.
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They enhanced the 10% cooling performance? What is it now, 11%? Sweet as, bro.
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Everybody knows you can't go wrong with the amazing graphics horse power that is like the Radeon HD7750
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Everybody knows you can't go wrong with the amazing graphics horse power that is like the Radeon HD7750
Sarcasm aside, for the humble build diyers at least hit the 7770 flavor :toast:
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