Tuesday, September 18th 2012

Spansion Expands Serial Flash Memory Portfolio

Spansion Inc., a leading innovator in Flash memory solutions for embedded markets, today announced production of a new low-density serial Flash memory family to expand its product portfolio and address additional applications in the consumer segment and in Greater China. The new 4 Mb, 8 Mb and 16 Mb Spansion FL-2K family is targeted for code storage applications in consumer electronics such as optical disk drives, cable and DSL modems, printers and routers as well as industrial applications such as smart meters. The family features read performance of up to 85 MHz for fast application boot, industrial temperature range, high quality and reliability.

The new low-density family complements Spansion's industry-leading high-density and high-performance Spansion FL-S Serial Flash family. Spansion is expanding its performance lead today with samples of new 80 MHz double data rate (DDR) serial Flash memory. The Spansion FL-S family now delivers 40% faster bandwidth, up to 80 MB/s, than competing solutions to enable richer user experiences. This industry-leading performance is ideal for automotive instrument clusters and industrial applications like home energy management systems that need to quickly serve rich graphics to LCD displays.

The full Spansion FL Serial Flash family now scales from 4 Mb up to 1 Gb to serve the broad needs of embedded applications with product options for single, dual and quad I/O read operation as well as DDR. The entire product line is backed by the high quality and reliability customers have come to expect from Spansion and is available with long-term product support.

Executive Quotes:

"Serial Flash is one of the fastest growing memory markets with a forecasted 15 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate for revenue through 2017," said Alan Niebel, CEO of Web-Feet Research. "Low-density SPI currently has the highest unit volume. However, there's high growth in the mid- to high-densities where performance is more critical. These additions to the Spansion portfolio will be welcomed by customers trying to simplify their supply chain."

"Spansion has innovated in high performance, high density Serial Flash memory solutions to provide our customers with differentiated products for their designs," noted Jackson Huang, vice president of segment marketing. "The Spansion FL-2K family rounds out our portfolio of Serial Flash memory solutions with options for low-density applications and provides our customers a full range of Serial Flash memory backed by Spansion's exceptional customer service and support."

Key Facts of the New Spansion FL-2K family:
● The 4 Mb, 8 Mb, and 16 Mb Spansion FL-2K products are in production now.
● Industrial temperature range supported (-40C to +85C)
● Industry-standard 8-pin SO (208 mil and 150 mil) packages with Spansion's Universal Footprint
● Low pin count simplifies board layout, lowers cost, and reduces the form factor of many embedded designs.
● Uniform 4 Kb sectors for fast parameter storage
● Software and hardware write protection for enhanced security and IP protection
● Fast read performance (4 Mb – 85 Mhz, 8Mb – 76 Mhz, 16Mb – 65 Mhz) for quick boot
● Spansion FFS: customized software drivers and Flash file system software available at no additional cost.

128 Mb and 256 Mb Spansion FL-S 80 MHz DDR devices are sampling now with production in Q4. 512 Mb and 1 Gb versions are available based on customer demand.
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