Thursday, October 11th 2012

MSI Announces Radeon HD 7970 Lightning Boost Edition Graphics Card

MSI maintained the R7970 Lightning as its flagship AMD Radeon graphics card from March, even after AMD launched the Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition in June. The company finally decided to combine its R7970 Lightning board with the new "Tahiti XT2" Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition ASIC, creating the R7970 Lightning Boost Edition (BE). While the original R7970 Lightning shipped with 1070 MHz core and 5.60 GHz memory, the new R7970 Lightning BE ships with 1070 MHz core, 1150 MHz PowerTune Boost, and 6.00 GHz memory (288 GB/s). It packs 3 GB of GDDR5 memory across a 384-bit wide memory interface.

Most other features remain the same. The R7970 Lightning BE packs an enthusiast-grade 17-phase VRM, dual-BIOS, voltage-conditioning GPU Reactor module, and TwinFrozr IV cooling solution. Quite shockingly, MSI didn't take the opportunity to address the lack of dual-link DVI connectors in the original R7970 Lightning, the Lightning BE continues to have two single-link DVI, and four mini-DisplayPort connectors. The new R7970 Lightning BE could displace the original from its US $499.99 price-point.
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crazyeyesreaper said:²_Turbo.html

card still faster lol according to the specs listed anyway 1180 MHz core lol launched back in June as well from the looks so I feel MSI is a little late with this. Granted they have better brand recognition but thats about it.
I know for a fact that MSI have planned releasing their HD7970 Ghz Ed. Lightning a while back, somewhere around mid-late Aug.

And yes, an Mpower Z77 system with a couple of Lightning cards does look shhhmexy.
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Chief Broken Rig
maybe but the HIS card has been available for some time the MSI has not the MSI is clocked lower, so i dont see what the fan fare is about if it comes to pure performance the HIS has the edge when it comes to when you could purchase the card the HIS has the edge, granted i prefer the MSI cooler even tho i hate yellow its still less gaudy than the HIS but regardless his has the faster card it was available earlier and knowing MSI the HIS card will be cheaper. Im just not that impressed.
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Crazyreaper/anyone else questioning this card: You know this card is a re-release right? The original Lightning has been on the market for several months already... :)
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Chief Broken Rig
correct and its extremely over priced vs its competition Powercolor 1100Mhz Vortex II models been around just about as long with a higher clock. MSI may be releasing but for all the hoopla of their lightning models their seldom the top dog lately, Powercolor + HIS both offer higher clocked models at lower cost and suprisingly enough Sapphire cards in terms of review samples have clocked as good or better than the MSI, its a preference thing.

i can't say much my Asus 7970 Direct Cu II is stuck at 1100mhz due to most software no longer supporting voltage control now. it did before but requires older drivers to get anywhere which sucks so i guess in that regard the MSI is better buy i suppose.
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