Thursday, October 25th 2012

AOC Introduces the m2752Pqu 27-inch AMVA Display

Display specialist AOC launches a new XXL monitor with ultimate ergonomic functions in its Professional Line. An AMVA panel for superb image quality, LED backlights, a screen size of 68,6 cm (27") and numerous other features make this outstanding LCD a must-have - especially for demanding users. With the m2752Pqu AOC presents a premium product in the field of professional displays.

AMVA display technology for professional requirements

The m2752Pqu is equipped with an AMVA panel, a display technology that excels with sharp contrasts and an extraordinarily high colour stability plus viewing angles of up to 178° (vertical and horizontal). This panel type is thus particularly suitable for advanced graphic applications and has the added benefit of allowing several persons to simultaneously see a clear picture without colour shift. Even dynamic gaming or video sequences are rendered without distortions or blurring, making the monitor just as suitable for multimedia applications.

Ergonomic features for more comfort

With up to 110 mm height adjustment, tilt, swivel and pivot function the m2752Pqu offers ideal conditions for a healthy posture when sitting at a desk. The pivot function allows rotating the monitor from landscape to portrait mode within seconds, which simplifies reading and handling of long documents as well as editing images. The stepless height adjustment guarantees a back-friendly orientation towards the best viewing angle, whereas the swivel function is very beneficial for spontaneous presentations in the office.

All-round talent with a strong performance

Thanks to its screen size of 68.6 cm (27"), 1920 x 1080 pixel Full HD resolution and an aspect ratio of 16:9, the m2752Pqu is perfect for various office and multimedia applications. A typical contrast of 1000:1 (dynamic: 20,000,000:1), a 300 cd/m² brightness and a short response time ensure sharp, brilliant pictures.

Extensive connectivity

No more connectivity problems: the m2752Pqu features VGA, DVI-D and HDMI connectors as well as a DisplayPort, which means that all common input variations are included. Thus numerous signal sources can be connected simultaneously, which is not only convenient for multimedia reproduction. An integrated USB hub with four ports allows countless USB devices such as hard drives, digital cameras, or storage media to be connected at the same time. To reduce cable clutter on your desk, AOC equips the m2752Pqu with integrated speakers.

Big performance, small energy consumption

Despite its size and strong performance, the m2752Pqu consumes just 50 watts in standard mode. This is possible through modern LED backlight technology, which is considerably more economic than the conventional CCFL light source. Due to the low energy consumption, the model fulfils various international standards regarding energy-saving specifications such as TCO 5.0 and EPEAT Silver. Like all other AOC displays with LED backlight technology, this model is also produced fully mercury-free.

Classic design

The elegant, classy design of the m2752Pqu upgrades every workplace: Functionality and ergonomics steal the show in an elegant look with a black finish.

Top service

This model comes with the market leading AOC warranty of three years, including an on-site replacement service. Should any problems occur, the monitor will be picked up at your home or office and replaced. Once repaired, the monitor will be brought back and the replacement retrieved.

The m2752Pqu is available from October at a suggested retail price of £259.
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5 Comments on AOC Introduces the m2752Pqu 27-inch AMVA Display

1920 x 1080 is a terrible resolution for a 27" PROFESSIONAL monitor. enough said.
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Not the resolution is terrible, but the blue led sublighting is. For a PROFESSIONAL monitor I mean. Btw, anyone knows any good 27" monitors with RGB LED ???
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Why in the name of Jesus Jones would you make a 27 inch panel have a 1080 p resolution, this just makes 0 sense period! AOC your slipping big time!
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[H]@RD5TUFF said:
Why in the name of Jesus Jones would you make a 27 inch panel have a 1080 p resolution, this just makes 0 sense period! AOC your slipping big time!
Because of the price buddy! There are a lot off offers for 27" monitors with bigger res, but I bet you cannot find one under 300 Euros...
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