Wednesday, October 31st 2012

Zalman Announces A Trio of CPU Liquid Coolers

Korean enthusiast PC components major Zalman announced a trio of closed-loop liquid CPU coolers, the LQ310, LQ315, and LQ320; which are designed to handle maximum thermal loads (Qmax) of 300W, 330W, and 340W, respectively. The USP for all three is an extremely dense copper micro-fin structures inside the main block, where heat is dissipated to the coolant. The three feature what is essentially the same block and pump, and differ with the size of the radiator.

The Radiator component of the LQ310 measures 153 x 120 x 25 mm, that of the LQ315 is slightly thicker, at 35 mm, and LQ320 at 51 mm. A Zalman-made 120 mm fan, with 900 to 2,000 RPM speed range, long life bearing, and 4-pin PWM control, is standard issue for all three models. All modern CPU socket types are supported by the three, including LGA2011, LGA115x, AM3+/AM3, and FM2/FM1. The LQ310, LQ315, and LQ320, are priced at US $85, $100, and $120, respectively.

Source: Overclockers Ukraine
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wow, the price is a bit pricey... the $100 and $120 will have to compete with the corsair h80 and h100... i wonder how it perform... the h80 has 1 extra fan, and the h100 has the ability to have 3 more fan then the lq320...
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HMMMM.. looking at the exact same radiator.. the exact same bracket mechanism, exact same pump.. yep, its a "JARBA" (just-another-re-branded-aestek) --like every other company with a closed loop WC solution so far. nothing to see here. move along people, move along...
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I like Zalman a lot, but I think I'll pass on these, and keep my Corsair.
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Every company sure wants a piece of the pie on these... Spoilt for choice when it comes to closed loop cpu coolers, thought this zalman and the nzxt one are the same price as the corsair H100 over here... i know which one id rather buy
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now this is a quality product !

This is not JARPA at 100% there some minor changes that can make differences.

Radiators looks more detailed and better manufactured fans are different.
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