Tuesday, November 6th 2012

Corsair AX860i and AX760i Digital PSUs Launched, AX-Series Gets 80 Plus Platinum

Corsair officially launched two new DSP-enhanced AXi series modular PSUs, the 860-Watt AX860i and 760-Watt AX760i. In addition, Corsair released the AX860 and AX760, which are variants that lack the DSP-control and Corsair Link Support. All four models are 80 Plus Platinum-certified. The AX860i and AX760i pack monitoring chips and DSPs that connect to the motherboard over USB 2.0/1.1 internal header, letting the PSU interface with the included Corsair Link software, that lets you monitor temperature, power input/output, load, efficiency, PSU fan speed (with manual control), and PSU rail virtualization, features which have been exclusive to the top-end AX1200i till now.

All four models ship with six PCIe 6+2 pin power connectors, twelve SATA power connectors, eight 4-pin Molex connectors (with a Berg adapter), two 8-pin (4+4 pin) EPS/ATX connectors, apart from the customary 24-pin ATX connector. The units are cooled by a 140 mm fan that is completely spun down when the PSU load is below a threshold. The AX860i, AX860, AX760i, and AX760, are priced at US $249.99, $219.99, $229.99, and $199.99, respectively.
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Thanks for the news!
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Awesome, I really like that Corsair gives you black cables makes it look much nicer, and when you go to sleeve you don't have to worry about any cables showing through.
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Cheaper digital power supplies with normal wattage. At last!
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whats the deal with the DSP? i didnt see that mentioned
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Is that hybrid fan control that I see on even the non i-units like Seasonic's new higher end PSUs? If so, I'm glad I held out and didnt buy an AX850.
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Corsair really is a top notch PSU maker these days.
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Mussels, post: 2769366"
whats the deal with the DSP? i didnt see that mentioned
From AX1200i, AX860i, and AX760i boxes :
Unlike traditional power supply designs, the Corsair AXxxxxi uses a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for tighter voltage regulation and lower electrical ripple and noise which improves overall system stability and component reliability.
AX760i and 860i all based on the same platform with 1200i (OEM by Flextronics).
Dunno for sure about standard 760 and 860, possibly Seasonic X series V2.
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Yes CORSAIR is best PSU manufacturer last 3-5 years.
But I don't like their AX760i, AX860i, AX1200i PSU.

But what is with AX760 Platinum without I??? It's 30$ cheaper.
What is with part inside...???
And what is difference between AX760i and AX760 both Platinum.
No Corsair Link, different Fan inside-better, no monitoring software, inside is same???

I like more AX760 without I???
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