Thursday, November 8th 2012

Cooler Master Also Unveils the Notepal ERGOSTAND II Laptop Cooling Pad

Cooler Master, an award winning designer and manufacturer of thermal and protective solutions for computers and mobile devices today introduces the Notepal ERGOSTAND II.

The Cooler Master NotePal ERGOSTAND II is a laptop cooling pad and an ergonomic stand all-in-one. It has all the features and more of the original ERGOSTAND. A quiet 140 mm fan and removable metal mesh dissipates laptop heat. Five adjustable height settings provide comfortable viewing and typing angles. The ERGOSTAND II is the ideal companion for any laptop user.

Keeps Laptop Cool and Running Smoothly
The ERGOSTAND II guarantees effective cooling for laptops. A 140 mm fan optimizes airflow. A fan controller lets you choose the perfect balance between fan speed and noise level. A metal cooling surface helps spread heat away from your laptop. Plus, this surface can be removed so that dust and other debris can be cleaned from the fans and vents.

Use Your Laptop In Comfort
The ERGOSTAND II has five different height settings that makes typing and looking at your laptop more comfortable. The Anti-slip holders and feet keep your laptop locked in place. Also, all front I/O ports are accessible. Four USB ports let you use more of your devices. A light blue LED strip indicates if the ERGOSTAND is on and adds a bit of style to your laptop.
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is it bad that i'm more interested in the keyboard in the 4th pic than the product this post is about?

... Looks like a decent pad/stand though.
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