Tuesday, November 20th 2012

Zalman Reserator Liquid CPU Cooler Detailed

Do most pre-built CPU liquid cooler kits look the same to you? It's probably because they carry Asetek or Akasa design. Enter a refreshment in the pre-built arena: Zalman. The Korean PC cooling veteran unveiled Reserator, a liquid cooler which swaps the conventional-looking radiator for a high-performance heatsink with radially-projecting copper fins, in which the heat pipes are swapped with coolant channels. The contraption is ventilated by a 120 mm Zalman custom-design blue or red LED-lit fan, with PWM control. The CPU block features copper base with mirror finish, while its other parts are given aesthetic touches with chrome plating and LEDs. The cooler will be designed to handle thermal loads as high as 400W. It is slated for early-2013.
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29 Comments on Zalman Reserator Liquid CPU Cooler Detailed

this design can potentially destroy all basics about regular watercooling radiators... Hope to see soon a review.

This seems can dissipate heat away from the water much more efficently.
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Hilux SSRG
TPU, I would love to see a review of this CPU cooler.
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That product looks sooooo awesome. I don't really care how it works. Its still gonna be able to reasonably cool a mid-range CPU, the ones I buy :D
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JCBeastie said:
Looks brilliant but I have the same complaint about it that I do for 90% of Zalman's coolers; proprietary fan.

Now I've not had many issues with normal case fans but OEM ones on graphics cards and other coolers I've had a bad experience with. My current graphics card had the fan bearing fail a month after purchase!

Ideally i like to see any cooler where you can just fit a new fan, this does not look good. If that fan fails I'm going to have to RMA the whole damn product, not cool.
When I emailed them about a fan failure on my CNPS9700 they just sent me a new fan. No questions asked and I didn't even have to send the broken fan back.
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