Tuesday, November 27th 2012

Cooler Master Announces CM Storm PowerRX Gaming Mousepads

Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer unleashes the raw force of the Power-RX mouse pad. Created as a barrier destroying force, Cooler Master Storm Power-RX uses a low friction textured cloth that is specifically designed to reduce drag, encourage precise maneuvers, and glide true as you navigate your digital avatar to each objective.

Power-RX low friction construction and large mouse pad area creates the conditions to enable gamers to execute precise and intricate movements with ease. Know that your Power-RX will persevere through each battle with its specially formulated material that also acts as a water resistant guard against splashes and spills. These also can be easily cleaned away with little effort.
Fast movements occur constantly as conditions change. Trust that Power-RX will stay in place throughout combat with an underside that is coated in an anti-slip silicon grip to keep the mouse pad positioned as desired. Smooth and agile movements akin to a seasoned scout await you with the Power-RX. Power-RX will release on 27, November 2012. Price and availability may vary based on region. Expected M.S.R.P 34.99€ including 19% VAT.
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3 Comments on Cooler Master Announces CM Storm PowerRX Gaming Mousepads

Water resistant huh...how bout sweat resistant!

I'm just too notorious about destroying mousepads. The surface itself isn't so much the problem, its the edge where the arm rests. Like cloth pads but at that edge the cloth gets lifted up over time and changes colors. Had one a decade ago where anti slip material underneath completely disintegrated on that one end.
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35 euros.....waaaay above my internal limit for a mouse carpet :D . Apart from that, dat edge where the hand rests....at least is not fried- I find that techique very uncomfortable.
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now people don't have to worry about spilling their coffee and ruining their mousepad
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