Monday, December 10th 2012

Chieftec to Release the GPS-500C 500 W Fanless Power Supply

Chieftec has recently added a new model to its Smart Series family of power supplies, a unit called GPS-500C which offers a 500 W output and features a fanless design. This passively-cooled PSU complies with the ATX 12V 2.3 specs, is modular and has a single 12V rail, Active PFC, and an efficiency of over 90% (it comes with an 80 Plus Platinum certification).

The GPS-500C is backed by a two-year warranty and can be found on pre-order priced at €132.78.

Source: xtreview
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Where have I seen this PSU before?

Edit: It's a Superflower. Kingwin have also used this.
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
Xtreview is such a horrible site in every way.
Range of power supply Chieftec GPS-500C Series Smart, has been certified 80 PLUS Platinum. The most important feature of the new items is a 500 watt passive cooling.

The heat generated by the components of the power supply is removed through the air vents and the aluminum radiator. The power supply was very quiet.

12 V is formed on the same bus, capacity reaches 41,5 A.

The unit is equipped with a combined cable system. Rigidly fixed cables with a 20 +4 pin and 4 +4 pin for the motherboard, and cables with two additional power connectors PCI Express (6 +2 pin) for graphics cards.

Pretty competitive pricing, it's similar to the Seasonic P-520FL.
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No no!! cant even compete with Seasonic's 520fl, which has 20watt more and 7 year warranty!!!
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Not all, but some of the GPS series used to have a (surprisingly reliable) Delta inside in them. I wonder what's inside in these.
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