Monday, January 28th 2013

NVIDIA GeForce Experience Open Beta Launched

NVIDIA's GeForce Experience game settings optimization tool opened up to beta testing by the public at large. The software is designed to make PC gaming as effortless as console gaming, when it comes to getting the best experience out of available hardware. The tool detects your GeForce hardware, installed games, and suggests the best settings for your games given your system specs, which can be applied with one click.

GeForce Experience went open-beta with the release of a new version of the software, v1.0.1, which expands its list of supported games to include Far Cry 3, Mechwarrior Online, and Hawken; improved game detection logic, support for more CPUs (Core 2 series), playable settings for the new 2560 x 1440 resolution, translations to more languages, and numerous bug fixes.

DOWNLOAD: GeForce Experience 1.0.1 Beta
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Meh, I'm going to stick to setting options per-game.

I agree that not all games have an easy to understand UI, but many do have Graphics and Advanced Graphic menus. If you can install and use GFE, then use can use the typical Graphics menu which is usually resolution, AA, and quality (Low, Med, High, Ultra, etc). Heck, I know what most settings are and I still just use the presets.
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NeoXF said:
with every game revolving around it's own little universe and almost zero standards in regards to everything.

That being said, I agree this would require quite a bit of dedication/maintenance...
Couldn't say it better. It might be that TWIMTBP will get optmization code built in so Nvidia doesn't even worry about those, while the AMD Gaming Evolved titles and what not they'll need to code and maintance. Sound like a good idea but what might be the best is like you said it could drive some type of universe standards.
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