Monday, February 4th 2013

Colorful Readies GeForce GTX 660 Glorious Mission Graphics Card

Glorious Mission may not ring too many bells with western gamers, but it's a pretty popular online multiplayer shooter akin to the Battlefield franchise, based around PLA. It's only natural that graphics card makers from the mainland design special edition products around the game. It just so happens that the graphics card maker interested in Glorious Mission is Colorful, known for its over the top performance-segment graphics card designs that never cease to surprise us. Its latest creation is in on the drawing boards, and we got access.

Based on the GeForce GTX 660 GPU, the new Colorful iGame Glorious Mission graphics card uses a cooler that builds on today's multi-fan aluminum fin-stack designs. The cooler uses a dual- 92 mm fan aluminum fin stack, to which heat is fed by four 8 mm-thick heat pipes, to cool the GPU. The two fans are covered by punched-metal sheets. Colorful didn't give us a specific date on its release, but we expect it to make it to this year's Computex, if not the 2013 Lunar New Year shopping season.
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31 Comments on Colorful Readies GeForce GTX 660 Glorious Mission Graphics Card

lets extend the card further. Heck for that you can have a 7950 or 7970 lol. Honestly a 670 and 680 should be built this way without the handle in the rear that is
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[502] said:
They should've named it "Gorgeous mission" instead.
Combined with vengeance c70 green army case, asus sabertooth, and noctua hsf, it'll be perfect.
I agree. It is a beautiful card, but I count 5 heatpipes instead of 4.
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its a nice design but id increase the vents in it less the black area is also the Heatsink (remember slot 1 heatsinks)
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eidairaman1 said:
(remember slot 1 heatsinks)
Those were the days.
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