Wednesday, March 13th 2013

Inno3D Announces GeForce GTX Titan iChill Black Series

Inno3D rolled out its newest flagship graphics card, the GeForce GTX Titan iChill Black Series. The card ships with Arctic's Accelero Hybrid cooling solution pre-fitted to an NVIDIA reference design GTX Titan PCB. The cooler uses a combination of a closed-loop liquid block to cool the GPU, and fan-heatsink to cool other hot components on the card, such as memory chips and VRM.

The GTX Titan iChill Black series ships with factory-overclocked speeds of 937 MHz core, and 980 MHz GPU Boost, against NVIDIA reference speeds of 837 MHz core and 876 MHz GPU Boost. Memory clock speed stays at 6.00 GHz. Based on the 28 nm GK110 silicon, NVIDIA's GeForce GTX Titan features 2,688 CUDA cores, 224 TMUs, 48 ROPs, and a 384-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface, holding 6 GB of memory. The card draws power from a combination of 6-pin and 8-pin PCIe power connectors, display outputs include a pair of dual-link DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort. The company did not release pricing or availability information.
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12 Comments on Inno3D Announces GeForce GTX Titan iChill Black Series

very sexy.

though I do not see the point, Inno3D surely realizes anyone that can afford a Titan to begin with is waiting it out for a full water block.
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can you put 2 of those in SLI?
Yes. But Accelero Hybrid needs 3 slot spacing.
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sexy? lol, the Arctic Acelleros one of the lamest looking gpu coolers on the market imo, strange a company would pre install it on whats meant to be classiest gpu atm. And at the very least not do something more than change the wording on the shroud design

Wonder if a Prolimatech MK-26 would get the same low temps, would certainly look better, especially the black fin version, but its still good to see the Accelero getting preinstalled with its added difficulty to diy
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It would look sexy if it retained its original shroud. Or if they made something custom, like this

It's a premium card so it should look premium as well.
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Honestly, the stock cooling on Titan is really good. Using the stock cooler, I have gotten to about 1200mhz.
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I would have preferred Accelero Xtreme but I guess this will have to do unless someone comes to senses and launches card like that before this hits the stocks.
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I gotta agree with bpgt64, the stock cooling kicks ass - all the cards are pretty much 1-1.2GHz capable on the stock cooler. Water cooling this card won't yield you much better results than air because it's locked down to 1.2V max regardless of temps.
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I'm still waiting for an H100 style version.
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I think I'd prefer to buy a normal Titan and get a proper waterblock.
Accelero Hybrid is ugly and makes premium card look cheap.
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wow.... gonna quad sli this baby....

if i had the money... lol...
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